Singapore’s fitness landscape is flourishing with a myriad of options for enthusiasts seeking a transformative workout. Among these, pilates has emerged as a popular choice, offering a holistic approach to enhance strength, flexibility, and mind-body connection. In this bustling city, where movement and well-being are celebrated, we delve into the realm of pilates to uncover the top studios that stand out for their commitment to empowering women’s health, personalised programs, modern fitness principles, and specialised support for breast cancer survivors.

Join us as we explore the best Pilates studios in Singapore, each fostering a nurturing space where people of all ages and fitness levels can thrive, revitalise, and embark on a journey of self-discovery. Whether you’re a seasoned practitioner or a complete beginner, these studios are bound to leave you inspired and rejuvenated, enriching both your physical and mental well-being.

1. Advantage Pilates

Photo: Advantage Pilates

If you’re in search of a pure pilates experience, Advantage Pilates is the place to be.

Advantage Pilates prides itself on being a no-frills studio that’s all about the core essence of pilates. No fancy distractions or gimmicks here, just a singular focus on helping you achieve your fitness goals.

Their PMA International Teacher’s Training accreditation ensures that you’re learning pilates from the best in the business. Discover a range of group equipment classes featuring essentials like the Reformer, the Tower, and the Chair. For those who prefer the simplicity of mat-based exercises, they offer group Pilates Matwork classes that are both effective and accessible. Meanwhile, for individuals seeking a more personalised approach, Advantage Pilates provides custom 1:1 and 2:1 sessions, ensuring that your workout is tailored to your unique needs and preferences.

Advantage Pilates has two locations across Singapore: Malacca Street and Marine Parade.

Advantage Pilates

Location: 20 Malacca St, #09-00 Malacca Centre, Singapore 048979
Opening hours: 7am-9pm

2. STRONG Pilates

Photo: STRONG Pilates

Australian fitness franchise, STRONG Pilates, has exclusively partnered with Yoga Movement, one of the largest boutique fitness operators in Southeast Asia, and brought rapidly growing fitness movement to the Singapore market.

Compared to traditional forms of pilates, STRONG brings together a high-intensity workout with the special edge of low-impact goodness. Part resistance pilates and part cardio, you can achieve a perfect full body workout in 45 minutes via the purpose built Rowformer and Bikeformer — a hybrid between a Pilates Reformer and a Rowing Machine or Air Bike Machine. These machines were the first to combine resistance training with cardio HIIT training, creating a unique and challenging way to workout. Plus, with little to no impact on your joints, it’s one of the safest and most efficient ways to train.

Also unique to STRONG, they adopt an instructor-assist technology displayed on movement screens around the studio, as a visual queue to class participants. Instructors have full control to move from one exercise to another using a remote system. 

This pilates studio offers a membership package, where you can sign up for unlimited classes for $89 per week, with a 12 weeks commitment. Meanwhile, Class Packs ranges from one to ten classes, starting from $37.9 per class.


Location: 6A Shenton Way, #02-01/02 Downtown Gallery, Singapore 068815
Opening hours:

Mon-Fri: 6:30am-2pm, 5-9:30pm
Sat-Sun: 8:30am-8:30pm

3. Focus

Photo: Focus / Facebook

Unlike traditional pilate studios in Singapore, Focus goes beyond helping you reach your fitness goals. They also treat and help your body recover from injuries. Focus embraces a holistic approach, integrating Pilates, Physiotherapy, and Movement to achieve optimum results for its clients. 

For Pilates enthusiasts, Focus offers group classes with a choice between movement-focused sessions and physiotherapy-based ones. The affordable group class fee of $28 per person comes with a complimentary trial session, providing a risk-free opportunity to experience the benefits firsthand. If you’re curious about their Private Pilates or GYROTONIC® Sessions, reach out to Focus for personalised pricing. More importantly, these private sessions ensure tailored programs designed to meet individual needs and goals.


Location: 22 Malacca St, #08-00 RB Capital Building, Singapore 048980
Opening hours: 
Mon-Thu: 8:15am-8:30pm
Friday: 8:15am-6:30pm
Sat-Sun: 8:15am-4:30pm

4. Pilatique Pilates Studio

Photo: Pilatiques Pilates Studio / Facebook

Nestled in the serene Gemmill Lane, Pilatique Pilates Studio stands as a hidden gem, offering an intimate and transformative Pilates experience. This studio is a licensed training center that has produced numerous certified instructors worldwide, following the renowned Stott Pilates method.

What sets Stott Pilates apart is its contemporary approach to exercise, incorporating the latest advancements in spinal rehabilitation, fascial integration, muscle conditioning, and athletic performance enhancement.

At Pilatique, you’ll experience the benefits of Stott Pilates through their repertoire of Matwork and equipment-based exercises, catering to diverse body types and abilities. Group classes are capped at five participants, ensuring that you are well attained while executing the exercises. Alternatively, if you prefer a more exclusive and private lesson, especially if it is regarding an injury, Pilatique recommends a private session. First-timers can opt for a complimentary 30-45 minutes consultation-trial, where the instructors will plan your exercise regime with you, and also teach you some basic exercises.

Pilatique Pilates Studio

Location: 8 Gemmill Ln, Singapore 069250
Opening hours:  
Mon-Fri: 7am-9pm
Sat-Sun: 7am-5pm

5. Breathe Pilates

Photo: Breathe Pilates / Facebook

Whether your goal is weight loss or rehabilitation, Breathe Pilates has the perfect class for you. From clinical and prenatal sessions to Gyrotonic and Zenga, their wide range of offerings ensures a customised approach to your fitness journey.

Rest assured, Breath Pilates’ classes are led by experienced instructors, who are supported by a team of healthcare professionals that have in-depth understanding of the human body.

If it’s your first time, we recommend that you opt for the new client’s packages, in which the price is from $363 for 3 private session or 4 duet session. Alternatively, one single group session costs $61.. 

Breath has six pilate studios across Singapore: Raffles Quay, Galaxis, Parkway Centre, The Heeren, and Novena Medical Center.

Breathe Pilates 

Location: 6 Raffles Quay, #11-01/2, Singapore 048580
Opening hours:
Mon-Tue: 7am-9pm
Wednesday: 7am-9:30pm
Thu-Fri: 7am-9pm
Saturday: 8:30-11am
Sunday: Closed

6. FitNut Loft

Photo: FitNut Loft River Valley / Facebook

Beyond a Pilates studio, FitNut Loft has a powerful mission — to empower women on their journey towards improved health and well-being. 

This dedicated Pilates studio goes beyond traditional offerings, providing a unique blend of Pilates and weight circuit combos. Recognising the challenges that women face with aging, FitNut Loft is committed to supporting them in overcoming obstacles such as chronic pain, breast cancer, weight gain, and the feelings of weakness and fatigue that can come with each passing year. Their programme is a holistic approach that not only enhances physical strength but also promotes overall vitality.

In addition to Pilates, FitNut Loft offers an array of specialized classes, including suspension training, cardio-trampolining, and rehabilitative sessions. With a diverse range of options, women can tailor their fitness journey to suit their individual needs and goals.

However, what truly sets FitNut Loft apart is its heartfelt connection to breast cancer survivors. Founded by a breast cancer survivor herself, the studio offers the Pink FitNut Breast Cancer Online Coaching program. This annual event aims to keep breast cancer survivors active, providing them with the support and guidance they need to thrive.

FitNut Loft

Location: 2 Pandan Valley, #01-201 Acacia Court, Singapore 597626
Opening hours: 
Monday: 7am-8:30pm
Tuesday: 7:30am-7:30pm
Wednesday: 7am-8:30pm
Thursday: 7:30am-7:30pm
Friday: 7am-5:30pm
Saturday: 7:30am-1pm
Sunday: 8:30-10am

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