Feeding baby goats with milk at Ratsamee Farm at Khao Yai, Thailand

Khao Yai is not short of popular farms, such as Chokchai Farm and Khao Yai Farm Village.

Instead, take a short trip down to Ratsamee Farm, an underrated animal feeding farm that satisfies your desire to feed cute animals while snapping numerous amount of photos.

Some of you may not have heard of it as the name on Google Maps is in Thai. But the location is not too far off from the rest of the popular attractions in Khao Yai, and is definitely worth a visit.

Pay only 50 baht to receive a basket of leafy vegetables, carrots, milk, and chicken feed that allows you to feed a range of farm animals: pigs, rabbits, goats, chicken and horses.

While the farm is quite small, you can easily spend at least an hour there if you enjoy animal feeding.

Having a close-up encounter with various animals makes the entire experience a unique one. We were allowed to enter the chicken coop and walk up right to the chickens to feed them. They are generally very skittish so it takes a while for them to warm up to you.

It was really interesting to feed milk to the goats with a baby milk bottle instead of the usual carrots. The hungry goats devoured the milk within seconds. It was extremely fun to watch but nothing beats feeding the baby pigs as their silliness was irresistibly cute.

50 baht is really a steal as some farms and zoos around Thailand charge a lot more than that. On top of that, the owner was very friendly and even brought us to the back of the farm where there is a lovely stream and a treetop swing to capture nice pictures.

Location: GFX6+XHH, Unnamed Road,, Mu Si, Pak Chong District, Nakhon Ratchasima 30130, Thailand

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