Flat lay of Re Foods - Nut butter, coffee and nuts

Eating healthy and vigorous exercise have always been the top two contenders for the most effective method of losing weight. Personally, I find both routes equally important. But eating healthy, or eating ‘clean’ doesn’t equate to a bland and boring meal. Would you believe me if I told you that natural foods could taste just as good as ‘junk’ food?

Flat lay of Re Foods - Nut butter, coffee and nuts

Re-, a healthy and sustainable food delivery service in Singapore sets its sight on paving the way to developing healthy diets while preserving the environment with ethical sourcing methods. A prime example would be their Lightly Salted Almonds (S$9.6) which are loaded with fatty monounsaturated fatty acids which control blood sugar levels and improve cardiovascular health. However, its positive impacts don’t just stop at our biological systems as Re’s almond orchards also sustain over 3 billion bees per season with ethical farming methods.

If almonds aren’t your thing, Re also has Lightly Salted Cashews and Naturally Salted Cashews at S$9.6.

The effect of nuts on weight loss is debatable as nuts contain a high amount of fat and calories. Despite so, studies featured in Healthline illustrates that not only does eating nuts not result in weight gain, it promotes weight loss in some cases.

Furthermore, it doesn’t provide empty calories like potato chips do. Nuts are high in energy and increase feelings of fullness, which may lead to a reduction in appetite.

Healthy breakfast recipes

A fuller meal could also be easily assembled with Re’s Smooth Cashew Butter.

My top choice- toast, cashew butter, banana slices and honey. Drizzling some over a smoothie bowl and even some fruits are amazing combinations too.

Another breakfast recipe that’s balanced and tasty is a yogurt bowl. Granola is a popular addition to this but let me introduce her less known cousin, Muesli (S$18.9). Essentially, granola that hasn’t been roasted with maple syrup and oil.

Re’s muesli uses gluten-free rolled oats and is loaded with nuts (42% nuts), honey and quinoa.

And what’s breakfast without a good cuppa. While I’m a coffee snob that roasts his own coffee, this was pretty decent for an instant variation.

Lastly, their Nutty Cookies serve as the perfect guilt-free snack. It’s 100% natural, gluten-free and vegan. It has a chewy texture and a nutty fragrance. Very different from cookies that I’m used to but for a ‘healthy’ cookie, it was pretty damn good.

*The products for this review were provided by Re-, however all opinions stated above are unbiased

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