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More than your neighbourhood cafe in Bedok, Refuel Cafe has seriously good BBQ pork ribs

A hidden gem nestled within the HDB blocks of Bedok Reservoir, this unpretentious cafe is the perfect place for passersby to refuel themselves.

When you think of cafes, you’re likely to think of brunch, pastries and coffee. While Refuel Cafe does offer them, there’s another dish you absolutely have to try.

Our honest review of Refuel Cafe at Bedok

If you can only order one dish at Refuel Cafe, it has to be their Baked Honey Ribs ($14.9).

At a crazy affordable price, Refuel’s Baked Honey Ribs are to die for. The meat literally falls right off the bones, but it wasn’t too soft that it just disintegrates in your mouth either. It had that perfect texture where it’s soft, but still retains a good amount of bite.

It was also not too sweet unlike some honey ribs out there.

baked honey ribs, one of the best ribs in singapore
The best dish at Refuel — Baked Honey Ribs

On the other hand, the Pulled Pork Burger ($12.9) was disappointing.

The bun was dry and dense, as seen from the photo. This resembled a burger from a fast-food restaurant that was accidentally squished up in your backpack. Moreover, the coleslaw and fermented cucumbers didn’t pair well with the pork.

our review of the pulled pork burger at refuel cafe bedok
Pulled Pork Burger was not a vibe

The only saving grace of the dish was the pulled pork honestly. Not sure if it was made the same way as their Baked Honey Ribs, but it was good.

Lastly, a simple dish with just a few elements, The Porky Egg Waffle ($15.9) consisted of a waffle, scrambled eggs and pulled pork.

Porky Egg Waffles - scrambled eggs and pulled pork on waffles at Refuel Cafe Bedok Reservoir
The Porky Egg Waffle

The waffle was fluffy, the eggs were creamy and the greens on the side added a refreshing element which counterbalanced the heavy seasoning in the pork. It’s a good alternative to the Baked Honey Ribs. But, my heart still lies with the ribs.

Our verdict

Pulled Pork Eggs Benedict
Another pulled pork dish at Refuel

We did actually return multiple times to try their other dishes, such as the pancakes, breakfast plates and salmon pasta, but we didn’t take any photos which was why they were left out of our Refuel Cafe review. While they were decent, the pork ribs outdid them by miles.

Really, just get the pork ribs if you decide to dine here.

Refuel Cafe

Location: Bedok Reservoir Rd, #01-3029 Blk 744, Singapore 470744
Opening hours: 9am-9pm

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