Bijin Nabe translates to beauty pot. Not a pot simmered with real-life beauties, but a collagen pot with rejuvenating properties.

By stewing chicken bones for over eight hours, the pot of collagen at Tsukada Nojo helps in rebuilding dead cells to recreate a youthful, healthy glow. Thus, its nickname — “Beauty Collagen Pot”.

Bijin Nabe at Tsukada Nojo is a chicken collagen hotpot speciality restaurant in Singapore, with locations at Plaza Singapura, Upper Thomson and Eunos.

Our honest review of Bijin Nabe at Tsukada Nojo

chicken collagen pot (bijin nabe) at tsukada nojo

There are two ways to enjoy Tsukada Nojo’s beauty pot: a set that includes one flavour of collagen soup with fixed ingredients, or a la carte where you can mix and match your own ingredients according to your own liking.

We recommend getting the set meal, which costs $25 per person, as it is a lot more economical. It includes chicken meat, chicken meatballs and assorted vegetables that includes lettuce, fresh black fungus, enoki mushrooms and yellow zucchini.

In comparison, while you have the liberty to pick any ingredients, a la carte will be pricier. The single flavour pot for 2 pax already costs $19.

The freshest ingredients from Japan

The beauty of Tsukada Nojo’s food is its freshness. A assortment of sauces is placed in front of you, but trust us when we say that their food needs no seasoning.

The chicken, which is probably the least popular choice of meat among locals, was cooked to perfection by the staff.

Tsukada Nojo rears their own chickens in Miyazaki, Japan. “Jidori”, a special breed of chicken, is raised in an organic way, resulting in a meaty and flavourful taste.

Additionally, the natural sweetness of the vegetables soaked up all the umami goodness from the collagen soup.

While the portion is sufficient, it leaves stomach space for additional food. Perhaps the Meat Combo ($25), which includes beef, pork and chicken, might be a good add-on for those who prefer variety. But personally, we would order another set of chicken. Other meats just don’t complement the chicken collagen as well.

For instance, while the Wagyu Beef ($25) had good marbling and a deep beefy flavour, it clashed with the flavours of the collagen pot.

chicken collagen in solid form
Chicken collagen in solid form

The collagen soup comes in six different flavours, namely: Original, Spicy, Sukiyaki, Tomato, Pumpkin and Spinach.

The original is rich and creamy and it is a must to take a sip before ‘contaminating’ it with other ingredients.

Side dishes to try

Chicken Nanban at Tsukada Nojo

Chicken Nanban is traditional dish from Miyazaki, Japan. The Original ($9) is served with their homemade tartar sauce, which tartness makes it a good appetiser.

Their Spicy ($9) is also tantalising. But it is not meant for people cursed with low spice tolerance.

This would have been perfect if the chicken wasn’t slightly soggy. Perhaps the sauce could be served on the side to retain the chicken’s crisp.

Nikumaki in four different variations

Nikumaki is a bite-sized rice ball wrapped in pork and baked in a special soy sauce. The layer of pork had a good ratio of fats to lean meat, making it firm, yet tender and juicy.

The Original and Spicy cost $4 while the Cheese and Yuzumayo cost $4.5.

We recommend Yuzumayo as the freshness of the yuzu counteracts the fattiness of the meat.

Our verdict

So what’s our final review of Tsukada Nojo?

Although I tend to be a bigger fan of beef, this method of eating chicken has thoroughly won me over. The soup was so thick and creamy and pairs so well with the fresh vegetables that is packed with their natural sweetness.

Their only downfall is removing the ceramic cups from their stores. About five to six years ago, they would serve the first taste of the soup in gorgeous black ceramic cups. But now they just serve it in regular bowls. While the taste of the soup remains the same, it’s a less enjoyable experience.

Bijin Nabe at Tsukada Nojo

Location: 68 Orchard Road, #03-81 Plaza Singapura, Singapore 238839
Opening hours: 11:30am-3:30pm, 5-10pm

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