Bing Liang Bakery mooncakes

Over the years, Mooncakes have gradually evolved in terms of concept, style and taste. And sadly, traditional mooncakes have been deteriorating especially among the youths. Mid Autumn Festival is just around the corner! If you’re looking for some traditional and unpretentious mid autumn delicacies, Bing Liang Bakery offers baked mooncakes in different flavours!

Bing Liang Bakery Packaging

Bing Liang Bakery started from humble beginnings by the Ang family of Muar, Johor back in 1998, when they perfected their secret recipe for traditional bakes. Since then, their popularity soared with Malaysians flocking down to their store during the festive seasons. Through a close collaboration with Masons Home Decor in 2018, Bing Liang Bakery is able to accommodate a larger capacity of orders without compromising on quality and taste.

Their 4 pc mooncake sets are packed in a simple pink and floral gift box , which can be customised from the menu – White Lotus Seed, Pure Lotus Seed, Pandan, Green Tea, Red Bean, and local favourite – Durian. (Some has single/ double egg yolk options)

Each and every mooncake has an intricately carved design that represents its unique flavour. (Surely you won’t lose your favourite mooncake after it’s out of the packaging!)

Healthier Choice

Even though mooncakes are notoriously known for its high calories and sugar content, we still feast on them anyway.

Fortunately, here’s some good news for the health-conscious mooncake lovers out there! You’ll be relieved to know that Bing Liang mooncakes aren’t too sweet, and there is even a low sugar option for white lotus seed flavour!

Bing Liang Bakery Red Bean Mooncake

Our Verdict

While the salted egg yolk filling was too dry for our liking, the lotus paste, was well balanced and has the right amount of sweetness.

If you’re looking for a more fragrant choice, give the Pandan mooncake a try. It’s also known as the 金翡翠 as the fillings reveal a jade green hue. The red bean mooncake reminded me of the sweet red bean soup 红豆沙, with a smooth and buttery finish.

Bing Liang Bakery Durian Mooncake

The Durian mooncake was particularly the star of the day! This version of Durian mooncake suits those with a milder taste palette as the Durian taste gradually kicks in after the first bite.

If durian is not your kinda thing, the green tea mooncake might entice you with its aromatic flavours. Made with premium all natural and fragrant fresh Green Tea leaves from Japan, you’re in for a hearty tummy filler.

Bing Liang Bakery mooncakes

So your guests have arrived at your place, but you have unfortunately ran out of mooncakes? Bing Liang Bakery got you covered as they offer a 60 minute delivery if you’re urgently in need of some traditional mooncakes!

Location: 9A Jln Pemimpin #03-01C, Singapore 577183
(5 min walk from Marymount MRT, circle line)

*This post is written in collaboration with Bing Liang Bakery

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