When one is to think of getting a bottle of cold brew in the East, Bootstrap Coffee is certain to come to mind. This online coffee store specializes in cold brew delivery, which means that they don’t have an actual store. 

Since delivery is the only way to get their cold brew, unfortunately, you can’t get just one bottle from their website. Every purchase comes with a minimum of 6. 

Wanting to try as many flavors are possible, I went ahead and purchased the Bootstrap Mix Pack (S$35), with a S$5 delivery fee. The flavors include: Black, Coffee & Oat Milk, Coffee Manuka, Coffee Strong, Hojicha and Rooibos Orange

Their Black Cold Brew is smooth and non-acidic as a cold brew should be. But I was hoping for more distinct overtones like the ones that Old Hen Coffee and Dutch Colony brew. Similarly, their Coffee Strong tastes just the Black, but with a stronger caffeine kick.

The Coffee & Oat Milk is my favorite out of all the coffees. It is smooth, not too creamy (I don’t like it when White Cold Brew tastes like bottled Pokka Coffee) and the oat milk adds an additional layer of a subtle nuttiness to the drink. 

While the Coffee Manuka did taste like actual Manuka honey and not regular honey, I thought that the flavors did not pair well. It was actually quite a weird combination to be honest, probably because the Manuka was too overpowering. 

Both teas, since steeped in cold water, was free of that grittiness and bitterness, resulting in a smooth texture.


Overall the drinks from Bootstrap Coffee weren’t bad. The only thing I’ll get again is the coffee and oat milk tho simply because you can get better black cold brew elsewhere and I’m not that much of a tea person. 

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