Brawn & Brains really requires the brawn and brains to locate their Guillemard branch.

This cafe is seated deep within the serpentine roads and anachronistic housings left behind by the passage of time. Despite its location, it’s interior was absolutely modern; a mixture of chic and industrial.

Brawn & Brains is famous for their cold brew and croissants.

Our honest review of Brawn & Brains

Coffee and croissants at Brawn & Brains

Their single origin utilises beans from Papua New Guinea. It had a more balanced body, with a sweet jammy aftertaste. Personally, I think the flavour profile is just slightly more experimental than the usual nutty profiles that Singaporeans are used to. So if you’d like to try something new without deviating too far from your palate, this is a good baby step to take.

On the other hand, their house blend had a a nuttier note with a lingering aftertaste.

Croissants at Brawn & Brains

Earl Grey Croissant

There was an assortment of pastries to choose from. Crowd favourites include the Earl Grey Croissant and newly-revamped Dark Chocolate Croissant.

Their croissants had a more bread-like texture, without compromising on the flaky element. For the Earl Grey Croissant, the addition of the tangy cream cheese filling not only balanced out the sweetness from the sugary glaze, but cuts the intense flavors of the earl grey.

our review of Brawn & Brain's Korvapuusti Pulla
Korvapuusti Pulla

Besides croissants, try their Korvapuusti Pulla, a Finnish-style cinnamon bun. I would’ve preferred a stronger cinnamon aroma. Maybe the addition of a glaze icing would’ve helped as the bun itself was rather dry.

Our verdict

Nothing mindblowing, but the pastries and coffee here are definitely one of the better ones. I’d come here if I just want something simple and comforting.

The Guillemard branch is relatively smaller than the East Coast branch. But both outlets are certainly spacious enough for a mini group gathering. After visiting the cafe myself, it’s easy to imagine why the place is so crowded, especially during peak periods.

Brawn & Brains

Location: 100 Guillemard Rd, #01-02, Singapore 399718
Opening hours: 8:30am- 6pm

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