Floral Cafe in Singapore, Cafe de Nicole's Flower

We’ve been seeing a lot of floral and garden-themed cafes popping up in Singapore but Cafe de Nicole Flower, also known as Nicole’s Cafe, really takes it to the next level. Covered with pastel petals from floor to ceiling, we were puzzled as we stared at this beautiful pink cafe. Did we walk into a cafe or a floral shop? The answer is- both.

Cafe or Flower Shop?

Nicole’s Flowers was born from the deep-seated love of nature and food. And the founder, Nicole decided- why not combine both into one?

rose latte, instagrammable drinks

As the title suggests, the florist cafe serves as both a floral shop (@nicolesflowersg) and a cafe (@cafedenicolesflower). Don’t tag the wrong account! (thank us later)

The Souffle Pancakes must definitely be part of your order for that ideal #foodporn photo for your feed, although having a denser body. I ordered the Tiramisu Souffle Pancakes ($19.9) which is elevated by the deep flavours from the cocoa powder. However, the coffee ice-cream was a tad too sweet. Definitely not the best souffle pancakes I’ve had, but it was still decent. You’re really paying for the aesthetics of the cafe and dish, rather than the taste.

cheese filling tortellini

For mains, we tried the Cheese Filling Tortellini ($14.9). The amount of filling was just right and the cheese was surprisingly light, so probably ricotta was used. Not filling (please laugh) at all! However, the tomato sauce lacked depth. It was just too tangy and lowkey tasted straight out of a can.

While the pink looked artificial, this gorgeous cup of Rose Latte ($9.9) tasted far from artificial, saccharin cheap syrup. It was milky and foamy, with a very subtle floral note. The thing about rose (or any types of flowers like Lavender) drinks is that it’s a hit or miss. And I’m glad this didn’t disappoint.


Cafe de Nicole Flower isn’t a cafe that you’ll visit for the food. The dishes weren’t bad, but you can certainly do better elsewhere at a similar price. What you’re really paying for is the ambience, the lovely plating, the Instagram opportunities…

Making a reservation is recommended because it can get quite crowded sometimes. And for any pet owners, you’ll be delighted to know that Cafe de Nicole Flower is a pet-friendly cafe!

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Location: 224 Telok Kurau Rd, #01-01, Singapore 423836
Tel: +65 8338 8511
Opening hours: 9am- 8pm (mon-fri); 8am- 9pm (sat-sun)

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