Dutch Colony Coffee Co. — there’s brunch, but I’m always here for the coffee.

If you’re looking for great coffee in the east or a quaint little spot for brunch with your friends, check out Dutch Colony Coffee Co. It’s a little out of the way in the East, situated in a secluded spot along Frankel Avenue. But it’s definitely worth the effort.

Our honest review of Dutch Colony Coffee Co.

Before we start or review of Dutch Colony Coffee Co., do note that they have five other outlets across Singapore, and we’ve only visited the East Coast outlet before.

Let’s start with brunch.

The menu had your standard breakfast items such as pancakes, French toasts, and granola bowls. Nothing that really stood out from the crowd but I would say the prices are reasonable. If you want something heartier, you could also order from their entrees and pasta section.

The Truffle Egg Mayo Croissant ($13) was extremely worth it for its price. It was a huge croissant with amazing, flaky layers and the truffle aroma was intense. Overall, it was a straightforward dish that was properly executed.

one of the best croissants in singapore – truffle egg mayo croissant at dutch colony coffee co frankel
Truffle Egg Mayo Croissant

Is this the best coffee in the east?

Dutch Colony Coffee Co. is renowned for its coffee from the standard espresso-based coffees to artisan filter coffee. And, by painstakingly handpicking the best beans and roasting them personally, they’re able to ensure that only coffee of the highest quality is delivered to you.

Hence, we got the Iced Black ($6) to enjoy their coffee at its purest form.

As of May 2024, you’ll find three single origins on rotation at Dutch Colony Coffee Co. East Coast. Of which, the two from Columbia are worth a mention. The Finca Santuario Reserve boasts a fruity and jammy profile of raspberry jam, yuzu and date pudding, while the Finca Campo Hermosa features a botanical mix of basil, lavender and bergamot.

cold brew from single origin
A classic Iced Black extracted from one of their single origins

Not many cafes in Singapore will offer both third wave speciality coffee and “sweetened” coffee on their menu. But if filter coffee isn’t your thing, you can choose from a wide variety of their special drinks.

Under their Signature section, you can find the interesting drinks like Coco Brew (S$7.5),a chilled coconut water with cold brew cubes and sour plum juice. Meanwhile, the Easy Tonic ($8) is tart and refreshing with the addition of strawberries and yuzu; the perfect drink for a hot and humid day.

Besides coffee, Dutch Colony Coffee Co also offers a wide range of extensive non-coffee alternatives ranging from chai lattes, matcha lattes, and juice.

Noah's cold-pressed juice with 0% added sugar at Dutch Colony Coffee CO
Noah’s cold-pressed juice with 0% added sugar

Dutch Colony Coffee Co.

Location: 113 Frankel Ave, Singapore 458230
Opening hours: 8am- 6pm

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