Eh bro want go eat mala?

The mala fad started in 2019 and it has not died after five years! In fact, it’s getting more and more popular, with new mala hot pot stores springing up at every corner.

Myojo saw this coming in 2019, and so they released the Myojo Mala Xiang Guo Cup Noodles for those who wish to satisfy their mala cravings conveniently.

Were they good? Well, it was sold out almost everywhere when it first first released.

Back then, we were one of the lucky ones who managed to get our hands on the first batc of Myojo’s mala cup noodles, and we decided to put it to the test. Is this convenient cup noodles able to satisfy our mala cravings?

Where to buy Myojo Mala Xiang Guo Cup Noodles in Singapore?

The Myojo Mala Xiang Guo Cup Noodles is available for sale at NTUC at $1.83 per cup, and on ShopeeMart for $1.84.

Our review of the Myojo Mala Cup Noodles

This brand new exciting flavour comes with a secret seasoning paste that uses various spices like Szechuan pepper, chilli and coriander leaves.

The tingling sensation that comes with every slurp is an unexplainable addiction. It’s a challenge to finish the whole bowl to myself though. Hence, I cheated a little by adding only half a packet of mala paste. For those who are not mala-tolerant, the spices are still sufficient to wreck your taste buds.

But does it really taste like mala? Aside from the tingling sensation, I’d say it resembles curry-flavoured cup noodles more.

While this is not truly authentic to the real deal, it should suffice when it comes to late night mala cravings.

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