If you asked me where my favorite brunch spot is, one of my answers would definitely be One Man Coffee. They don’t have the most extensive menu and it is a tab bit inconvenient to get there, given its location at Upper Thompson. But, there is that one item here they really stole my heart.

Runny eggs and melted cheese spells the perfect recipe for an alluring post on Instagram. A must-have is their Gashouse Eggs (S$13) which features a slice of brioche, gooey, melty cheese and a runny egg in the middle. It’s paired with a glob of homemade bacon jam which provides a kick of savory. Personally, I didn’t think it matched the taste of the main dish but this was definitely my favorite dish.

As much as I love avocado toasts, their Smashed Avocado on Sourdough (S$14) was slightly disappointing. The avocado bit was tasty, seasoned perfectly with a slight tang and nutty flavor from the additional cherry tomatoes and almond. However, the sourdough’s texture was too hard, which brought the whole dish down.

Their French Toast (S$15) had a variety of toppings: caramelized bananas, strawberries, blueberries, candied walnuts and salted caramel.

The French toast lacked that pronounced eggy flavor and had more a cake-like texture for it to be called a French toast. It definitely wasn’t a good French toast. But I can’t say that it was bad.

Coffee, Tea or… Nothing

Despite my high appraisal for their brunch items, their drinks were really disappointing. Not only were both drinks diluted, the latte was absent of any distinct tasting notes.

Our Verdict?

The only thing that really stood out at One Man Coffee was the Gashouse Eggs. The Avocado Toast was disappointing and the French Toast wasn’t exactly a French toast. Not to mention the diluted coffee… which is ironic given their name. But, because their Gashouse Eggs was so damn good, I am willing to give this place another shot. Hopefully their other items are better.

Location: Upper Thomson Rd, 215R, Singapore 574349
Tel: +65 9658 1685
Opening hours: 9am- 5pm

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