Styled as an American Deli, this sandwich shop located at Telok Ayer purges the notoriety of bland, cold and dry sandwiches.

Park Bench Deli serves up an epic lineup of classic sandwiches and avant-garde variations.

Classic Sandwiches

Starting off with the Turkey Classic ($18). Marinated in brine for three days and cooked sous-vide, the turkey was juicy and flavourful; a good alternative to most turkey sandwiches which feels like a sandstorm in your mouth.

Other ingredients, such as onion and garlic schemer, pepperoncini and alfalfa sprouts elevated the flavour.

Overall a good sandwich with a balanced combination of flavours. But since it’s served cold, it might not be the right comfort food on a cold, rainy morning.

Cubano, Cuban sandwich, park bench deli menu

Next, my favourite sandwich- Cubano ($15). The crispy, buttery ciabatta bread with the robust flavours of the pulled pork shoulder and sharp notes of the salsa was just divine! Honestly, this was the only sandwich that tugged at my heartstrings. I highly recommend trying this for anyone who’s planning to eat here.

Unorthodox Combinations

kimchi grilled cheese, park bench deli menu

This was the most questionable item on the menu- Kimchi Grilled Cheese ($14). Park Bench Deli ferments their own kimchi, which I thought was really impressive. Sour, pungent, with the right amount of spice. The flavours are sharper than the two brands I bought from supermarkets.

Theoretically, cheese and kimchi would’ve been a great combination since the sharp flavours of the kimchi serrate the richness of the cheese. However, the kimchi was too overpowering. Perhaps, the dish could be better if there was lesser kimchi.

It was a shame that their Cereal-Crusted Peanut Butter Jelly was unavailable when I visited, and an even bigger shame that it’s been replaced by the PBJ-Stuffed French Toast ($16) recently.


Overall, it’s indubitably pricey for a sandwich. But it’s one of those places where the competition is low, so you don’t really have that many options. There aren’t that many speciality sandwich shops in Singapore, are there?

Of course, coffee is available but if you’re in the area, I recommend getting it from other cafes such as Alchemist Coffee or Mellower Coffee.

Location: 179 Telok Ayer Street, Singapore 068627
Tel: +65 6815 4600
Opening hours:
Mon- Tue: 11am- 4pm
Wed- Sat: 11am- 4pm; 5- 10pm
Sunday: 9am- 4pm


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