While Rochor’s Original Beancurd is famed in the neighborhood, we can’t exactly agree that it’s worthy of its hype #sorrynotsorry.

What makes a good bowl of beancurd? First and foremost, the texture has to be silky and smooth, which Rochor’s Original Beancurd absolutely nailed. However, it was slightly too sweet and it was really clawing at our throats towards the end.

The Beancurd costs S$1.5 while the Soya Bean Milk costs S$1.2.

To go with the beancurd, there’s an array of fried items from youtiao, butterfly bun to red bean bun and sesame peanut ball.

Beancurd and youtiao are kinda the most obvious pair in my opinion (swipe left!), which is what I opted for. I absolutely loved it. Not too greasy, with a light crisp and doughy centre.

Location: 2 Short St, Singapore 188211
Tel: +65 6334 1138
Opening hours: 11am- 1am (mon-thur); 11am- 3am (fri); 12pm- 3am (sat); 12pm- 1am (sun)

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