Premium ground beef, fresh local greens and hand-whipped creamy mashed potatoes. There you have it, the perfect Shepherd’s Pie. 

We got the Signature Beef with Brown Sauce Shepherd’s Pie (S$18.9). It’s really just your classic shepherd’s pie. Nothing avant-garde. The mashed potato was creamy and the texture of the beef was slightly chewy, but still soft.

I was surprised to see that their menu extends past shepherd’s pie. They also served Mac & Cheese, Lasagne, Pasta, Pizza and Burgers.

We got the Mac ’n’ Cheese Chicken Shepherd’s Pie (S$17.9) which was a shepherd’s pie rendition of the classic Mac ’n’ Cheese. We were curious to see how that would turn out.

Imagine a shepherd’s pie. Protein on the bottom. A thick layer of mash on top. Now replace the potato with a layer of Mac ’n’ Cheese.

The Mac ’N’ Cheese utilizes gruyere and aged Parmesan, giving it a creamy consistency with a sweet-salty flavor.

Lastly, we got the Sienna’s Traditional Lasagne (Triplo Cheese) (S$25.9 for 2 servings). It consisted of handmade lasagne sheets, premium ground beef which was slowly simmered for maximum flavor and premium imported cheese from Tuscany, Italy.

Italian Head Chef, Sienna De Luca, ensures that the standards of the Lasagne are upheld.

Furthermore, all their food is freshly baked to order. So you don’t have to worry about eating pre-cooked microwaved food. However, just a warning for people with a lighter palate, the food in general was a bit heavy on the seasoning.

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