Xin Bakery is a homebaker in Singapore who specializes in cheesecakes, sponge cakes, fruit tarts and french meringue macarons.

We got her dessert box which includes one slice of the following cakes- Chocolate Banana Tart, Chocolate Symphony Cheesecake and New York Cheesecake– and a box of Italian Meringue Macarons.

It’s the same box that World Gourmet Winner Chef Siang lauded on his Facebook page. So we had high expectations for this.

Do note that this dessert box is not for sale.


There’s a common consensus in my family that the Chocolate Banana Tart is the best out of the 3 cakes (and to be honest, one of the best we’ve eaten in awhile).

The flavors were just perfect. The natural sweetness of the bananas infused into the airy spongecake and the thin layer of cream, resulting in an ambrosial fragrance. It was unlike the sharp and pungent notes of artificial flavorings. Rather, it was a faint aroma, like catching a whiff of an alluring perfume on the street.

The Chocolate Symphony Cheesecake combines the best of of both worlds. A layer of baked Philadelphia chocolate cheesecake, followed by dark chocolate spongecake and ending off with a bittersweet Oreo crust.

This was literally the most chocolate thing I have ever eaten. There were three different forms of chocolate in terms of texture and flavor. Yet, they just make sense together when you take a bite.

It’s a very heavy cake that I recommend sharing. But that’s for the weak-hearted as I’m sure that no chocolate lover would bear to split this heavenly dessert with anyone.

Do note that the chocolate decor was slightly melted when I took this photo as I had taken it out for too long.

Despite the slightly bumpy surface of their New York Cheesecake, the texture ended up fine. It had a really creamy texture that didn’t end up cloying at all due to a vibrant citrus note embedded in the cream cheese.

Lastly, despite their crazy colors, their flavors of the Macarons were toned down and not too sweet. Furthermore, it had a light and airy texture although the orange was slightly flattened as seen from the photo.

How To Order?

If you’re not already drooling all over your keyboard, you can head down to Xin Bakery’s official website to place your order. Xin only sells whole cakes ranging from S$60 to S$98.

While I would usually prefer getting different flavors in small quantity, the Chocolate Banana Tart and Chocolate Symphony Cheesecake are cakes that I’d have a hard time sharing.

*This article is written in collaboration with Xin Bakery

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