One of the new cafes in Singapore, RIANG serves cafe dishes with local influences. Decked in yellow and hanging plants, especially with rattan chairs, this all-day cafe exudes a relaxing Balinese resort sort-of vibes. It also helps that it’s secluded in the housing estates between Serangoon and Lorong Chuan MRT Stations.

Expect interesting fusion dishes such as bak kwa bacon, curry leaf pesto, and a kaya toast-inspired croissant.

Brunch at RIANG

If you are craving traditional local breakfast, but want to dine in a slightly more bourgeois setting, RIANG is the place for you.

Instead of kaya toast and nanyang coffee, get their Croissant & Spread ($13), which is spread with a thin layer of house-made gula melaka kaya spread and a generous amount of high-quality butter. The kaya is fragrant and lightly sweetened, and of course, the croissant had the perfect flaky texture.

For those who complain that they don’t get enough butter on their toasts, RIANG comes prepared with an additional portion of butter on the side.

The Bacon & Signature Scrambled Eggs on Toast ($18) is another dish with local influences, featuring bak kwa-glazed bacon.

What’s for lunch?

For an interesting culinary experience, order the Curry Leaf Pesto Farfalle ($18). Ribbon pasta is coated with a lemongrass-flavoured pesto sauce, topped with zucchini, citrus breadcrumbs, and parmesan cheese.

But, for the conservative, we recommend the Arrabiata Prawn Pasta ($22). Spaghettini is coated in a tomato sauce that is spiced with chili padi instead of dried chilli flakes, which is traditionally used. While we would’ve expected more prawns, at least RIANG used high quality tiger prawns, which had a nice crunchy texture.

If you’re active on TikTok, you might be familiar with the All Things Butter series by content creator Thomas Straker, who creates flavoured butters like the Bonemarrow and Chilli Butter.

RIANG presents Coffee Marmite butter — sweet, rich and slightly savoury. It was tasty on its own, almost like a dessert butter, with coffee as the main flavour. However, the pairing with the Rump Cap Steak MBS2+ ($32), was debatable.

Personally, I thought that the sweet, almost caramel undertones of the butter didn’t complement the beefy flavours of the steak. I would’ve wanted more balance, which could have been achieved with a touch of acidity. Salting the steak or the butter more might have also helped

However, the steak was well-cooked, with a nice sear and perfect medium rare. 

The Loaded Crab Fries ($10) was simple but comforting, with a sweet and mildly spicy sauce. Think of this as fried mantou with chilli crab sauce, but westernised.

Speciality coffee and tea

One of the biggest shame of a cafe is when they serve high-quality food, but miss on the coffee. Fortunately, RIANG uses coffee beans from The Community Coffee, a local coffee roaster and cafe.

Espresso-based coffee starts from $4.5 for Black, and $5.5 for a White.

We ordered the Filter Coffee ($7.5) with the Fazendinha #3 from Community. From Brazil, you get a syrupy mouthfeel, with undertones of honey and butterscotch. It tastes the sweetest when it’s slightly warmer than room temperature.

Their drink menu also includes tea, such as the Cold Brew Tea of the Day ($7), which was rooibos tea on the day of our visit.


Location: 15-9 Jln Riang, Singapore 358987
Tel: +65 8285 3826
Opening hours: 9am-9:30pm

*This article is written in partnership with RIANG, but all opinions are of my own

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