Earl Grey Swiss Roll Cake from The Plain Jane

They call themselves Rookies Coffee Shop, but the barista that helms this retro-looking cafe at Bukit Merah is no rookie.

Prior to being a cafe owner, Junior honed his craft at Kurasu, a cafe known for its dirty matcha.

“I named the shop Rookie’s Coffee Shop, because there’s a lot of new things to learn about speciality coffee, day in day out, and it never makes me stop feeling like a rookie.”


Their selection of single origin includes the Finca Los Pinos from Honduras, which promises notes of stewed apples and honey, and San Antonio from Nicaragua, which emphasises the syrupy mouthfeel of dates and apples.

By now, many coffee lovers have had nothing but positive reviews for the Iced Espresso Bandung ($6.5) (indeed, what a genius invention).

The floral notes of bandung and the full-bodied espresso melded perfectly together. A fascinating drink that’s a treat to both the eyes and the palette.

When we asked Junior for his inspiration, he said, “I just love Bandung,” and laughed.

But on a serious note, the barista professed his love for coffee with floral notes and he thought that bandung, a rose syrup drink, would be a good area to explore.

Rookie’s Coffee Shop has also partnered with The Plain Jane, a swiss roll speciality cafe at Serangoon.

The Earl Grey Swiss Roll ($7) had a fluffy texture with a light layer of cream rolled in between. The earl grey was prominent and it was overall a fantastic roll.

The vibes was also immaculate. Take a seat at the foldable table and chairs outside for a chill and slow afternoon of people-watching and coffee-sipping.


Location: 124 Bukit Merah Lane 1, #01-144, Singapore 150124

Opening hours:
Monday: Closed
Tue-Fri: 10am-5pm
Sat-Sun: 10am-6pm

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