Flat lay of jewellery from Sachelle Collective

Stop getting Taobao jewellery if you have sensitive skin. Try this new jewellery brand instead.

Sachelle Jewellery takes a slower approach to fashion.

They market themselves as an ethical jewellery brand that pays close attention to their processes. Not only is each accessory consciously designed, they also ensure that all materials are ethically sourced worldwide and are free from harmful substances.

Hence, if you find yourself flaring up when wearing other jewelleries, you can consider giving this brand a try.

Our honest review of Sachelle Collective

Wearing Birth Flower Pendant Necklace (April design) from Sachelle Collective
Birth Flower Pendant Necklace – April ($120)

We received two items: Birth Flower Pendant Necklace ($120) and Eve Pearl Necklace ($125).

Before we talk about the design, let’s talk about the materials Sachelle Collective uses.

So what exactly is 14k Gold?

Sachelle Collective bonds 3-5% real gold onto their base metal, brass, which makes the jewellery more durable and scratch-resistant. More importantly, it end product still looks like solid gold, but it’s way more affordable this way.

They also use freshwater pearls harvested from Japan, without enhancing the colours with any additives.

Birth Flower Pendant Necklace

Birth Flower Pendant Necklace - April ($120)
You can choose from three types of chain for your pendant

The first product that caught my eye was the Birth Flower Pendant Necklace ($120).

Each month comes in a different design, created by Canadian botanical artist Ella Doo. The entire necklace is made out of Sachelle Collective’s 14k Gold. It had a nice feel to it and it looks just as nice in real life as it does in photos.

The Birth Flower Pendant Necklace also comes with an optional top up of a birthstone for $51. Mine would’ve been Moissanite, corresponding to April.

So what’s my review of this necklace? I loved it.

It’s premium-looking, the flower is so intricately carved in. Not only is it a versatile piece for most of my outfits, it’s also a rather meaningful piece of jewellery since it represents my month of birth.

According to the website, the flower for April is a daisy, which represents purity, innocence and fresh beginnings; it’s perfect for those who are embarking on a new adventure.

Eve Pearl Necklace

Eve Pearl Necklace ($125)
Eve Pearl Necklace ($125)

Meanwhile, the Eve Pearl Necklace ($125) is charming in its own ways. I’ve always wanted a pearl necklace but those that I’ve seen in night markets or online tend to look a little fake and cheap. Investing a little more in an actual pearls necklace was a great decision in my opinion.

I love how every pearl is of a slightly different shape. But more importantly, the look of the pearls really elevates any outfits, even the casual ones.

Sachelle Collective’s Eve Pearl Necklace is adjustable, so it can be worn as a choker or necklace.

Is Sachelle Collective available in Singapore?

Sachelle Collective is available for purchase online. They do not have a physical store in Singapore but they do offer delivery.

Sachelle Collective

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