Rosemary infused Lamb Racks with red wine sauce and vegetables

Sandbank, a restaurant in Singapore, is a pet-friendly bar and bistro at East Coast with a gorgeous sea view.

Its extensive menu serves typical brunch fares, bakes and pastries from their in-house bakery, chargrilled meats and seafood and freshly-baked pizzas.

Dine with a view

The Rosemary Rack of Lamb ($35) was nicely seasoned and aromatic with herbs. The rosemary exuded a prominent fragrance that was accentuated with the crispy crust.

The lamb itself was not very gamey, which paired nicely with a fruity red wine glaze and a drizzle of mint sauce, which freshness alleviated the richness of the profile.

Meanwhile, the Beef Burger ($21) was a burger crafted with effort.

Mincing and moulding their patties from 100% Australian cuts resulted in an emphatic beefiness. It was paired with the classics- American cheese, bacon, lettuce, tomatoes, caramelised onions and tomato mustard sauce. Nothing too fancy.

Burgers don’t really need gimmick when every element does their job well. And the house-made beef patty certainly exceeded expectations.

What disappointed us was the Eggs Benedict ($18).

For starters, the poached eggs took the form of an over-easy, which wouldn’t be a problem if it wasn’t slightly overcooked (the other poached egg was almost fully cooked through though).

It was paired with arugula and a decent portion of prosciutto, which accounted for its price. The sweet potato fries were quite a strong contender too. But ultimately, the poached eggs were the star, and they failed at putting up a show.


Sandbank focuses more on premium ingredients and traditional flavours rather than innovative dishes. The prices are reasonable but it’s not somewhere I’d go to unless I’m looking for a pet-friendly restaurant to take my dog to.

Location: 920 East Coast Park, #01-28/32, Singapore 449875
Tel: +65 6247 7988
Opening hours: 5pm- 10pm (Mon); 12pm- 5pm (Tue – Fri); 10am- 10pm (Sat, Sun)

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