I’m not sure about you but my hands have gotten significantly drier after since the pandemic. Two years of cheap hand sanitisers, especially those adorned on shopping mall lifts, have taken a toll on my skin.

SANO-D revolutionises disinfectants with higher standard of disinfection that is gentle to the skin and eco-friendly.

Disinfectant for everyone

SANO-D kept everyone in mind while formulating their disinfectants. All products do not cause skin irritations or allergies, nor result in carcinogenic or mutagenic effects.

With reference to European Standard EN 1500, SANO-D products are safe for direct hand disinfection, wipe-down disinfection, immersion disinfection and spray disinfection.

Innovative formula for long-term effectiveness

Its gentleness does not compromise its effectiveness to kill germs and viruses. With their proven Accelerated Hydrogen Peroxide and Nano Silver Ions Formula, SANO-D’s products disinfects 10 times faster than alcohol-based solutions.

Furthermore, it has a clear effect against coronaviruses, which are sensitive and require disinfectants with at least 0.5% hydrogen peroxide.

SANO-D Disinfectant Products

SANO-D’s products are categorized under D’Garde, D’Kleense and D’Shield which are used for hand sanitisation, general surface cleaning and disinfection, and antimicrobial self-disinfecting coating respectively. 

I used D’Garde the most for its convenience. It’s a direct and quick way to disinfect your hands, especially when you’re out of the house.

It smells nice and it doesn’t dry out the skin. The best part, the traces of Nano Silver Ions on your hands prevents new microbial growth in the next 18 hours.

D’Garde comes in a 50ml Bottle ($2.3) and a 500ml Bottle ($9.15).

On the other hand, D’Kleense and D’Shield are more specialised for surfaces rather than the human skin.

They come in wet wipes and sprays, which details can be found on their website.

I mainly use D’Kleense to disinfect my phone, and occasionally my bag after a long day.

Meanwhile, D’Shield creates an anti-microbial coating that is safe to touch as it is non-chemical, but a friendly formulation of quaternary ammonium compounds. In layman terms, it neutralises viruses on the surface. This might be more applicable to shop owners who want to create a safer space for their customers. For example, creating a coating for their door handles. However, you can also use this on your phones.

This is the D’Shield Starter Kit ($31.9) which comes with two bottles of D’Kleense, one bottle of D’Shield and a microfibre cleaning cloth.

*This article is written in collaboration with SANO-D

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