After an exhausting day at work, all anyone wants is for a good night’s rest to recharge for the next day. And all it takes is a comfortable pillow. It took years for the professionals at Sigmund Home to devise the ultimate pillow to solve this First World Problem- the Ergo Foam Tencel Pillow. And here are some of the amazing qualities which we are in love with.

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Like Sleeping On A Cloud?

All specifications and quirks aside, the most important thing for any pillow is no doubt its level of comfort. What good is a pillow if it doesn’t fulfill its main job of assisting in a good night’s sleep?

With a medium-soft hardness, your head sinks in the first few inches before it gets firm support that holds up your neck.

Besides, it’s designed with gentle contours to provide adequate support for your neck and spine. Anyone with underlying back problems such as Scoliosis should be delighted to know that this contour ensures that your spine remains perfectly aligned while you sleep.


I can’t be the only one who has to flip my pillow multiple times on a hot night. Sigmund’s Ergo Foam Tencel Pillow uses breathable Tencel fabric which is made from eucalyptus trees. This allows proper airflow in and out of the pillow so that it remains cool throughout the night.

Tried and tested for a few nights, it works! It didn’t feel like I was laying on a radiator which some pillows might feel like in this insane tropical weather.

100% Hypoallergenic

Lastly, the Ergo Foam Tencel Pillow is 100% hypoallergenic. This might not be such a strong selling point for most. But for people who are cursed with sinus or allergy rhinitis like me, this is a real life-saver.

Besides being anti-dust mite and anti-bacterial, it’s made out of organic materials to minimize the number of allergens.

So Who Is Sigmund Home?

Sigmund Home is the modern-day sandman, intending to bless us with a good night’s sleep. They were sick of seeing other brands in the industry inflate the prices of mediocre pillows to fund their marketing campaign. Thus, resulting in the birth of Sigmund Home.

Other than the Ergo Foam Tencel Pillow, they also have a Hybrid Mattress that was made with Singaporean’s preferences in mind after extensive research.

120 Days Free Trial 

Finally, even a thousand words can’t fully encapsulate what it feels like to sleep on this pillow. For such a personal item requires you to try it yourself to reach a proper verdict. This is why Sigmund Home provides a 120 Night Sleep Trial. Plenty of time for you to sleep on it

Furthermore, the pillow comes with a 15-year warranty and it can be delivered to you on the same day within an hour for free.

Are you ready for the best sleep of your life?

*This article is written in collaboration with Sigmund Home

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