As Perspectives Film Festival and Japanese Film Festival comes to an end, here’s the last — and the largest — film festival in Singapore to catch before the year ends.

Singapore International Film Festival (SGIFF) aims to provide a voice for for groundbreaking Asian Cinema in the region. Its extensive slate of independent genre across a wide range of genres that suitable for casual and hardcore film lovers.

This year’s Festival Opening presents Assault by prolific Kazakh director Adilkhan Yerzhanov — a satirical thriller revolving around institutional fault lines and male egos.

Running from 24 Nov to 4 Dec, here is a breakdown of the hundreds of featured films in this year’s SGIFF, according to their category, such as the Asian Feature Film Competion and Southeast Asian Short Film Competition.

1. Asian Feature Film Competition

Archaeology of Love is an unusual love story of a female archaeologist who tries to recover from an abusive relationship. Photo: Han Cinema

The Asian Feature Film Competition awards films that reflect the dynamism of the region with their distinct localism and diversity of style.

Out of the nine featured films, six of them are directorial debuts.

Archaeology of Love (2022), Convenience Store (2022), and Autobiography (2022) touches on the topic of abuse and power imbalances. Meanwhile, for films that hit closer to home, especially for the new generation of audience, Arnold Is A Model Student (2022), The Cloud Messenger (2022) and Joyland (2022) tells a coming-of-age story in Thailand, India, and Pakistan respectively.

2. Southeast Asian Short Film Competition

It’s Raining Frogs Outside is a tale of self-reflection as Maya returns to her childhood home

In a similar fashion, the Southeast Asian Short Film Competition presents 17 films across four programmes. While the geographical area depicted in these films are smaller compared to wider Asia, the chosen films excel in exemplifying the heterogeneity of Southeast Asia, offering a nuanced overview of the region, while accentuating its unique and distinct complexities.

Each programme, comprising of four to five films, lasts for an average of 80 minutes. The audience can also stay for a Q&A with the filmmakers.

The themes of the films include Into The Violet Belly (2022), which depicts the filmmaker’s mother’s experience fleeing the Vietnam War. More personal, day-to-day stories are also part of the line-up, such as Maria Estela Paiso’s nostalgic film about her childhood home — It’s Raining Frogs Outside (2021).

3. Singapore Panorama

Singapore Veal follows a meat-obsessed cardboard collector in her venture for a new groundbreaking meat product, in a dystopian meatless society

Experience the panoramic views of home through the lenses of 23 local filmmakers. Singapore Panorama presents the latest work by new and established local talents.

4. Foreground

Nocebo challenges the boundaries of one’s desire to heal their body

What are your favourite parts of a film?

Foreground highlights six genre favourites and cinematic highlights of the year, comprising of superheroes, war, body horror, grief, mystery, and desire.

5. Altitude

R.M.N by Cristian Mungiu

SGIFF isn’t just for new filmmakers, contrary to popular belief.

Altitude presents new works by some of the most established filmmakers today. This section profiles six films that represent the highest standards in contemporary filmmaking.

Starting off with Hong Sang-soo’s The Novelist’s Film, exploring the relationship between a novelist who was suffering from a writer’s block and an actor who was hiatus.

Another film worth catching is R.M.N, created by Cristian Mungiu, the first Romanian filmmaker to win the Palme d’Or at Cannes Film Festival in 2007. R.M.N crafts the story of a universally resonant story of human’s intolerance for one another in the setting of a rural Transylvanian town.

Ticket prices

The remaining film categories are Horizon, Standpoint, Undercurrent, and Domain.

Meanwhile, the ticket information are:

  • Festival opening: $25
  • All other films: $15
  • VR Screening: $5
  • Fundraiser: $30/$150
  • Special Bundle: 4 for $50*

*Choose at least one ticket film from Group A and Group B to qualify for the discount, excluding Festival Opening, VR Films and Fundraiser

Group A:

  • Asian Film Feature Competition
  • Foreground
  • Altitude
  • Standpoint

Group B:

  • Southeast Asian Short Film Competition
  • Horizon
  • Domain
  • Undercurrent

Other promotions include: 10% off ticket prices for a single purchase of ten tickets, 10% off your first ticket purchase for first-time users who create an account on their official website, and $1 concession for local and overseas students, full-time national servicemen, and senior citizens (55 years old and above).

More information can be found on SGIFF’s website.

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