I don’t think I’ve ever been more impressed by a cafe’s menu, or at a loss because there was simply too much that I wanted to try at SLATE. Technically branded as S L A T E, this cafe along Purvis Street, Chinatown, has Melbourne cafe vibes, but the menu is noticeably modern Asian. If you’re tired of the basic brunch affairs, you won’t be disappointed here.

Modern Asian Dishes

The dishes on Slate’s menu that caught our eye are not limited to the Sourdough Set (S$6) that featured cultured salted butter, Sideways Omelette (S$25), Porkburg (S$18) and Siew Mai Wellington (S$21). Even the avocado toast, titled Quintessential Avocado (S$20), piqued my interest with a topping of ponzu cured smoked salmon and burnt lemon dressing.

We got the Sideways Omelette, which admittedly was quite pricey for an omelette, but worth the try anyway. The steep price was a result of a generous filling of blue swimmer crab which was cooked to the perfect texture. The flavours were further transcended with smoked crab fat and tobiko, giving it an outburst of umami. Although it resembled an American-diner omelette with the shape and slight browning on the surface, its creamy insides reminded of a perfectly cooked French omelette.

Visually, the Porkburg was disappointing. It was barely two inches wide and I was starving. But it was a great reminder that size didn’t matter. The sweet pork sausage patty oozed with juices as I pressed into the burger. It was like fireworks of flavours in my mouth but it never got to the point where it was too salty due to the presence of a honey-like sweetness to round off the flavours. The tang from the pickled vegetables also assisted. While the patty was no doubt the star of the show, the pillowy soft house-made buns weren’t mere vehicles to transport the patty either.

Location: 24 Purvis St, #01-00, Singapore 188601
Tel: +65 9016 9125
Opening hours:
Mon – 10:30am- 10:30pm
Tue – Closed
Wed, Thur – 10:30am- 10:30pm
Fri – 10:30am- 11pm
Sat – 9am- 11pm
Sun – 9am- 4pm


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