SLM it!, pronounced “slime it”, is a brand new slime workshop in Singapore located at Plaza Singapura. This slime shop in allows you to personalise your own slime with a large collection of charms.

Expect to pay $46 per person and spend about one hour per session.

If you’re wondering if this slime workshop is worthy of your time and money, here’s our honest review of SLM it! in Singapore.

Slime workshop at Plaza Singapura

SLM it boasts a vibrant and inviting storefront; so colourful and lively that it could easily be mistaken for a candy shop. But, instead of marshmallows and jellybeans, each canister is filled adorable charms. Browse from over a hundred charms, glitters and colourants to create your very own personalised slime.

What was the slime workshop like?

SLM it’s DIY Slime Package starts from $46 per person, including glue, charms, glitters, colourants and scents of your choice.

Slime in Singapore
The final product! Had to hold myself back from eating it…

1. Slime texture

We started the workshop by choosing the type of slime texture with an add on of $2.5. You can choose between snow fizz, butter (clay), fluffy (shaving foam) and cloud (instant snow and water).

2. Scent and colour

Moving on with the scents, they have a wide range with some really interesting ones like marshmallow, Froot Loops, unicorn sprinkles, baby magic and more.

SLM it also has about 14 different colourings.

After choosing your slime texture, scent and colour, you can finally proceed to your work station with your prepped slime ingredients to start mixing with the activator.

The staff will be guiding you throughout the process. It’s a pretty good arm workout, but if you’re tired, the staff will also be happy to help you out.

3. Charms!

Collecting our charms in a small glass in slm it
Collecting our charms in a small glass

Here’s where the fun truly begins!

Collect as many charms as you want as long as they fit in the provided glass. I went with a bunch of my favourite foods such as macarons, toasts and Oreos.

The final step are to add in some glitter — optional, of course — and adding the charms into the slime.

Our review of SLM it

workshop space at slm it singapore
Workspace at SLM it!

So what’s our review of SLM It?

$46 for tub of slime might seem expensive, especially since you can easily make slime at home with white glue, baking powder and contacts lens solution. But you’re not really paying for the final product. Instead, you’re paying for the experience. And let’s be real, how much more will you be spending if you want to get so many different charms into your homemade slime.

Compared to other craft workshops in Singapore such as perfume making, leather crafting, and flower dome workshops, $46 to make a tub of slime in an hour is a pretty fun way to spend the weekend. And it’s certainly an interesting date idea.

Location: 68 Orchard Rd, #04-18 Plaza, Singapore 238839
Opening hours:
Mon-Fri: 10:45am-9:30pm
Sat-Sun: 10am-10pm

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