Strangely Sweet Vaulting

If you notice a larger crowd at Plaza Singapura’s MUJI, it’s not because they’re having sale. The crowd is there to admire miniature artworks at the ongoing Small MUJI Exhibition.

The Small MUJI Exhibition is a free art exhibition in Singapore that features the work between Tanaka Tatsuya and MUJI’s home and living products.

Hearty Harvest artwork at Small MUJI Exhibition
Hearty Harvest

It runs from 26 April to 25 June 2024 exclusively at the MUJI outlet at Plaza Singapura.

What to expect at Small MUJI Exhibition

You’ll find MUJI’s home and living products such as skincare bottles, jeans, socks, notebooks and more embedded within Tatsuya’s signature art style.

Standout work includes the Singapore tourist attraction series, where everyday items are used to construct iconic architecture like Marina Bay Sands and Gardens by the Bay.

I don’t want any spoilers. I just want to know where it is”: here.

Footprints artwork at Small MUJI Exhibition
Planned Planting artwork at Small MUJI Exhibition
Planned Planting
Beauty Oasis artwork at Small MUJI Exhibition
Beauty Oasis
Eyes-cream artwork at Small MUJI Exhibition
Spice of Life artwork at Small MUJI Exhibition
Spice of Life
Strangely Sweet Vaulting
Strangely Sweet Vaulting
XL Size Wave, artwork by Tanaka Tatsuya with MUJI Singapore
XL Size Wave
Jumpoo from Shampoo mitate art by Tanaka Tatsuya using MUJI Singapore's toiletries
Jumpoo from Shampoo
Bro'tree' Forest, one of Tanaka Tatsuya's first and signature mitat-e artworks
Bro’tree’ Forest
Sweet Suite Room, one of the artworks at MUJI art exhibition, free art exhibition in Singapore at MUJI Plaza Singapura
Sweet Suite Room
'Tsuri'propylene, artwork using MUJI's products
Snow Dust, snowscape created by Tanaka Tatsuya, Japanese mitate artist
Snow Dust
Port of Singapore miniature artwork at MUJI exhibition
Port of Singapore
Gardens by the Bay miniature art at MUJI Singapore
Gardens by the Bay
Hurry Up: Punctually MUJI small Exhibition in Singapore
Hurry Up: Punctually
File Box Escalator
File Box Escalator
Cityscape of Singapore, Marina Bay Sands
Cityscape of Singapore

Where is the Small MUJI Exhibition?

The exhibition is free of charge

MUJI is a big place after all. If you can’t find where the art exhibition is, it’s located deep within the store, beside Café&Meal MUJI.

Who is Tanaka Tatsuya?

Tanaka Tatsuya is a Mitate artist born in Kumamoto, Kyusyu. Better known as mitat-e in Japanese, this subgenre of art makes use of allusions and puns to portray parody classical art or events. This is exemplified in Tatsuya’s art, where a makeup palate could be transformed into an ice-cream cart, or

Since his first creation in 2011, he has created at least 4,000 miniature art scene.

Date: 26 April-25 June 2024

Location: 68 Orchard Rd, #01-10 to 22, Singapore 238839
Opening hours: 10am-10pm

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