Soma Haus is a new social wellness space in Joo Chiat.

Typical health and fitness clubs in Singapore operate on memberships, which may inadvertently create stress as members try their hardest to make the most out of them. Ironically, a membership for self-care may have the opposite effect.

Instead, Soma Haus provides a safe space for individual self-care experiences. Individuals can drop by to try out one session of their facilities and treatments, without the stress to commit to a full package.

The main room can be easily converted in a multi-event space. Photo credits: Soma Haus

“Our aim is to provide a haven for busy and overworked individuals in Singapore to unwind, connect and focus on their health in an enjoyable and sustainable way.”

– Kathy Gabriel, co-founder and therapist of Soma Haus.

Kathy has been in the industry for a decade and is renowned as a Craniosacral Therapist and Somatic Educator. The former focuses on hands-on treatment to relieve headaches, neck pains or side effects of cancer, while the latter focuses on trauma healing. While effective, she wanted her expertise to reach a wider audience, and the only way to achieve that was through a large wellness centre.

Individuals can sign up for treatments for the mind and body such as counseling and massages. Alternatively, they can choose to explore their own safe spaces through individual facilities such as a sensory deprivation float, ice baths and saunas.

Treatments and services available at Soma Haus

Their most popular treatment only takes 30 minutes. Individuals who feels tension on their necks and shoulders, from sitting at their desks for too long, can sign up for the Head, Neck & Trap Relief.

Think of it as an instant relief pill, as therapists use a variety of techniques such as slow strokes and deep finger pressures to ease your muscles. Not only does it treat physical discomforts, loosening the muscles in those areas can also impact your overall emotional wellbeing, body posture and functions, as well as your ability to breathe efficiently.

Counselling & Coaching allows individual to develop a better understanding of yourself, as your counsellor address various health concerns such as emotional well-being, stress regulation and relationship satisfaction.

Individuals who wish to explore self-care alone can sign up for their wellness facilities.

Escape from reality as you reset your mind and body in a Sensory Deprivation Float. The feeling of utter weightlessness in the float, along with the healing properties of Epsom salts, renders a deep state of relaxation.

Founding package

To commemorate their brand new opening, Soma Haus is offering a founding members package with up to 50% off services and treatments. The packages are only available for purchase in store from now till 23 July.

Location: 108 Joo Chiat Rd, #01-01, Singapore 427401


*This article is written in collaboration with Soma Haus, but all opinions are of my own

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