Kitchen in Sompong Thai Cooking School, attraction in Bangkok

Bangkok is an amazing place to wander around in search for the best Thai food and to sweep off cheap shopping loots from night markets. If you’re looking for something more interesting other than just eating and shopping your heart out, consider adding Sompong Thai Cooking School into your ultimate Bangkok travel itinerary.

Whether you’re a chef in practice, a cooking fanatic or a happy housewife looking to expand your recipes to satisfy the tummies of your family, Sompong Thai Cooking School teaches authentic Thai recipes in the variety of cooking classes.

Kitchen in Sompong Thai Cooking School, attraction in Bangkok

The instructor gives you a complete guide about the essential ingredients for preparing Thai food at a nearby market along the streets, followed by a short tour around the area. Far from the usual touristy attractions, it’s an eye-opening experience to gain some insights from a local’s perspective.

Once you’ve arrived at the school after the market tour, you’ll be assigned to your seats and will be given a short introduction about the school and the four learning dishes. We had Mussaman Curry with Chicken, Tom Yum Goong, Chicken Fried Rice and Pumpkin in Coconut Milk.

The courses differ from day to day, and you can make your selection prior to your booking.

Each class takes about three to four hours including the market tour.

Teamwork is necessary for certain steps. For example, pounding of ingredients to make curry paste. There is a mini friendly competition between the groups, but don’t you worry. There are plenty of opportunities to shine.

Do not fret if you do not have much cooking experience as full guidance and assistance will be provided if required. The steps were surprisingly easy to follow, if you pay enough attention.

Sourcing the local ingredients from Thai markets are not the most convenient methods, but you can actually find it in most supermarkets and even 7-Eleven stores.

Elevate the fun by taking a photo of your completed dishes and post it on social media to get a vote!

If you love the authentic flavours of Thailand and wish to grasp some cooking skills for Thai cuisine, Sompong Cooking Class is highly recommended for both beginner and amateur cooks.

Location: 31/11 Silom, Bang Rak, Bangkok 10500, Thailand

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