Souffle pancakes are basically pancakes on steroids. They’re thicCC with 3 Cs, fluffy like a pillow and just like any performance-enhancement drug, deflates shortly after it’s served. It’s one of the biggest food trends in the past few years, evident from the increasing number of contenders in the market such as Flippers and also as a new addition on restaurant menus like what Bangkok Jam did.

Circuit breaker born wanna chefs who attempted the ambitious recipe will understand the pain of whipping up the perfect souffle pancake. Not only do you have to whisk the egg whites to a (strictly) stiff peak, the wrong temperature on the stove might cause your pancakes to deflate immediately. So, in order for you to get the best experience, here are the 6 best souffle pancakes in Singapore, tried and tested; each with its individual strengths and fallbacks.

1. Fluff Stack

Fluff Stack Review - Strawberry Cheese Souffle Pancakes

A local brand, Fluff Stack takes the spot for the best souffle pancakes in Singapore. Of course, the taste is subjective. But what we like about Fluff Stack’s pancakes is the right balance of egginess in the pancake batter and an airy, almost cloud-like texture. In terms of value, the Classic Souffle Pancakes start at $8.8. The menu is also ever-changing, with new flavours coming out frequently like the Salted Caramel ($13.8). Of course, some crowd favourites remain as permanent items, such as the Strawberry Cheese ($12.8) with its distinct ruby glaze and whipped mascarpone.

Its popularity can be seen from its new outlets at Northpoint City and Westgate, in addition to its first branch at Suntec City. I’m certain the Easties are just dying for Fluff Stack to open one more in the area.

Fluff Stack

Location: 3 Temasek Boulevard #B1-K4, Mall, West Atrium Suntec City, 038983

2. Flippers

Flippers Singapore review - Original Kiseki Pancakes

To be honest, despite my praises for Fluff Stack, my vote for best texture has to go to Flippers. While the absolute airiness might be a distinct feature for a textbook souffle pancake, I prefer mine to have a little bite. In other words, a balance between a souffle pancake and an American pancake. Flippers have just the right amount of cakiness, best enjoyed with not one, but two forks. This quirky way of eating is to allow you to rip through the pancakes without compressing them. It’s slight, but it’s enough to make me forget that I’m sucking on flavoured air. Incorporating eggs from Kanagawa, Japan, the pancakes are imparted with a sweet, aromatic flavour.

However, the downside of Flippers is that it starts from $16.8 for their Original Kiseki to $21.8 for other flavours like Matcha AzukiHazelnut ChocolateMillennial Strawberry, Fresh Fruits and a savoury Eggs Benedict. It’s reasonable considering they get most of the ingredients from Japan, but it makes it one of the pricier options.

Location: 391A Orchard Rd, #B1-56 Ngee Ann City, Singapore 238873

3. Bangkok Jam

Bangkok Jam Thai-inspired soufflé pancakes, milk tea flavour

With the rising popularity of souffle pancakes, it’ll be a missed opportunity for restaurants not to incorporate this in their menu. Bangkok Jam, a Thai restaurant, puts an interesting spin on the Japanese dessert by infusing Thai flavours, giving birth to Thai Milk Tea and Mango Sticky Rice flavours. While Thai Milk Tea is usually saccharine, the Thai milk tea pudding and sauce at the side was not the case. They had a rich, earthy aroma, which was complemented by espresso pearls (that actually had bitter notes of espresso) and a creamy coconut ice cream. Besides the innovation and exclusivity, the pancakes themselves were cooked to perfection and all this only at $16.8.

Bangkok Jam locations

Location: 68 Orchard Road, Plaza Singapura #03-85, 238839

4. Typhoon Cafe

Fluffiest Souffle Pancakes at Typhoon Cafe with honeycomb ice cream, custard, assorted fruits and cookie crumble

Run under the same company Bangkok Jam is under, Typhoon Cafe’s souffle pancakes have a balanced texture between airy and cakey. Besides the Honeycomb Ice Cream ($17.9) and Strawberries and Cherry Ice Cream ($17.9), there are Taiwanese-inspired flavours likeWhite Rabbit Milk Pudding with Vanilla Ice Cream ($17.9) andTaiwan Milk Tea, Vanilla Ice Cream and Bubbles ($17.9).

Location: 68 Orchard Rd, #04-63/67, Singapore 238839

5. Cafe de Nicole Flower

Nicole De Flower Cafe - Tiramisu Soufflé Pancake

I’m never one to choose aesthetic over taste, but I’ll make an exception this once. Cafe de Nicole Flower, also known as Nicole’s Flower, is a cafe cum flower shop located in the east. The Tiramisu Souffle Pancakes ($19.9) had a slightly denser texture, but was still passable for a soufflé pancake. The harmony of the toppings was a little chaotic as well, with a cloying coffee ice cream on the side. Let’s just say, while it was a far cry from Fluff Stack’s Tiramisu Souffle (if it’s still on the menu), just take a look at the plating of the dish and the overall aesthetics of the floral-themed cafe, and you’ll understand. Cafe de Nicole Flower also has Original Souffle Pancakes ($17.9) and Original Souffle Pancakes with Hokkaido Strawberry Ice Cream ($19.9).

Location: 224 Telok Kurau Rd, Singapore 423836

6. 19Tea

19tea also known as nineteen tea, soufflé pancakes at our Tampines hub, original and matcha flavor, with bubble tea

Originated from Korea, 19Tea is a petite shop that specializes in not only soufflé pancakes, but also bubble tea. Sold individually, 19Tea comes in as an affordable option as a cheap thrill to satisfy any soufflé pancakes cravings. They’ve also grown their arsenal since opening in 2018, with the following flavours: Original, Matcha, Tiramisu, Oreo, Red Velvet Oreo and Biscoff. 19Tea has a unique way of handling their pancakes, which is to chill them right after cooking. This ensures that it retains its shape after a long time. It also results in a less airy, and moister texture. For more fluffiness, I recommend waiting 10-15 minutes for a freshly made one.

Location: 1 Tampines Walk, #01-K7 Our Tampines Hub, Singapore 528523

7. Belleville Pancakes

Matcha with Rice Balls and Red Beans Pancakes at Belleville Pancakes

This is a tricky one given its flat, American pancake appearance. Flown in from Osaka, Japan, Belleville Pancakes specializes in millefeuille pancakes, in which egg whites are whipped before folded into the pancake batter. It’s similar to the processes of a soufflé pancake, thus resulting in an airy, soft texture albeit its flatter appearance. Millefeuille translates to a thousand sheets and is an old-school French pastry that is flaky and decadent. Considering how their pancakes remind me of a flattened soufflé that retains the airy texture, perhaps it was inspired by the dough lamination of a millefeuille.

A stack of Plain Pancakes starts from $7.9 while the Grilled Apple with Homemade Caramel Pancake, Matcha with Rice Ball and Red Bean Pancakes and Chocolates and Grilled Banana Pancakes start from $12.2.

Location: 230 Victoria Street #01-01B, Singapore 188024

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