For long-term Spotify users, you may be familiar with the end of year “Spotify Wrapped” to find out which songs you listened most throughout the year. Well, now the wait is over. 

Photo: Katya’s DNA Chart

All thanks to a third party site called n gen, Spotify listeners are now able to check their DNA Chart. This chart will visually show you top-listened or recently played playlist visually in a form of DNA animation. It will show your favourite artists and songs and ‘rarity score’. This score is based on what defines your taste in music best, the categories are danceability, energy, mood, instrumentalness, acousticness, and wordiness. 

Photo: Screen Rant

Similarly, this site has the same metrics as Receiptify, last year this third party site went viral due to their unique outcome of tracking users’ top playlist in a form of receipt. However, Receiptify didn’t have rarity features and presented in a still visualisation rather than animation.

Another example is Obscurify, a Spotify extension that analyses your listening data, present your music taste’s uniqueness percentage, provides genre, artist, mood, and decade insights, along with personalised recommendations. Aside from that, there is Instafest where you can create a fake festival lineup based on your top-playlist on Spotify, and Zodiac Affinity, a third party website, which recommends five of your liked songs that are most suitable with your zodiac traits.

Now, how do you create your DNA chart?

Access the official n gen website, which will directly link you to connect to your Spotify account by logging in. Next, you need to select ‘Create’ from the options under the hamburger icon on the top right, and the DNA feature will appear.

Afterwards, you can choose which listening habits you want to view, such as ‘top artist for the last 6 months”, “top artist of all time”, or “recently played tracks”. You are also able to customise your chart colours theme.

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