What if Drake and Taylor Swift performed together?

Realistically, that might not be possible. But who’s to say you can’t “Sims” it up and create your ideal music festival made with your top artists on Spotify!

We’ve witnessed different version of Spotify Wrapped every year. For instance, Receiptify to find out your most played songs, and Spotify DNA to get your music style and favourite artists.

Now with Instafest, you can turn your Spotify playlist to a line-up of your dream festival and share with your friends.

How to create your own music festival with Instafest?

By simply following these simple steps, you can join and create your festival lineup with your favourite artists.

1. Open the Instafest link here.

Login page for Instafest. You can either sign in with Spotify, Last.fm, or create your own playlist on the spot

2. You can choose to sign in with your Spotify account, Lastfm, or create from a playlist by typing in your Apple Music or YouTube Music playlist link.

3. Once you have logged in your account, you will get  your favourite artists lineup and you can customise your festival poster with top artists ranging from 4 weeks ago, last 6 months, or all-time. Additionally you can choose your poster style looking like a Coachella poster with either Malibu Sunrise, LA Twilight, and Mojave Dusk style. Lastly you can choose to hide your username and decide if you want to put out your basic score on your poster or not.

Choose your date range and festival poster style

4. Share your festival poster on your social media and compete with your friends to find out which one of you has the best lineup

Malibu Sunrise-style


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