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The transboundary haze might be returning to Singapore this summer. But even closing your windows wouldn’t help with the cleanliness of the air at home.

We often associate air pollution with haze and car exhaust, but indoor air can actually be more deadly, according to a study conducted by the University of Surrey.

Starke Living’s light-weight and portable Air Purifier fully absorbs impurities and sterilises the air in your home.

You only need one of these

The Air Purifier ($150) is 16cm wide and 26cm tall, which is roughly the size of a small bolster. But I was more surprised by how heavy it was- practically weightless.

Its portability gives it an edge over its competitors. Since you can move it around the house easily, there’s no need to splurge on air purifiers for every room.

Despite its size, it has the capacity to purifier the air within 15 m², which is slightly larger than a typical HDB flat living room. It also has a 360 degrees filtration which allows it to work effectively regardless of where it’s placed.

The best part of this? You don’t have to plug it in. The Air Purifier has a battery life of 20 hours with every charge.

You can even attach a brown handle on the air purifier to carry it around.

Source: Starke Living

With three filters, Starke Living’s Air Purifier gets the job done.

It’s primary filter first removes larger particles, before the activated carbon filter removes odours, PM2.5 and formaldehyde.

PM2.5 are particles that infiltrates the lungs, potentially impairing them in the long run. Meanwhile, formaldehyde, a commonly-found harmful gas that in gas stoves, wooden furniture, walls and floors, causes irritation to your skin, eyes, nose and throat. High levels of exposure to formaldehyde may also cause cancer.

Lastly, the high efficiency particulate air (HEPA) Filter effectively traps 99.97% of particles that are 0.3 microns small.

Starke Living’s air purifier is roughly the size of our potted plant and puppy

It’s additional functions include the Negative Ion Purification. Viruses, dust particles and free radicals in the air are magnetically attracted to the negative ions produced by the air purifier. After the pollutants bind with the ions, they fall to the ground, allowing you to clean them up easily.

Its screen also indicates the air quality. Green shows that the air is relatively clean while red implies otherwise.

Easy to use

Starke Living’s Air Purifier is designed with two buttons. The on/off switch at the back and a button to change modes at the front.

Press the button once to activate Negative Ion Purification and twice to turn it off.

Holding the button once turns on the Night Light function, which emanates a warm gentle glow. Meanwhile, two long presses deactivates it.

About Starke Living

With the four core values of wellness, cleanliness, comfort and sustainability, the German brand also sells luxury designer bathroom products.

Starke Designer Egg Shape Toilet Bowl (left), Starke Circular bathtub (right)

They are designed with Starke Living’s proprietary technology such as the Starke Sauber™ Technology, which prevents the accumulation of dirt and bacteria on surfaces, and Starke Siphon™ Technology, a stronger flushing system that reduces water usage by a third.

*This article is written in collaboration with Starke Living, but all opinions are my own

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