French Toast at Steep Cafe. Brioche, berries compote, mascarpone, honey thyme syrup and granola

There are enough brunch cafes in Singapore but Steep is one of those that is built to stay.

Located in Jalan Besar, this cafe, monochromatic as it was, serves a selection of hearty brunch dishes comprising pasta and toasts. 

The Crab Linguine ($17) was tossed in a tangy tomato sauce, brightened with a dash of lemon zest. It was also topped with a generous portion of shredded crab for its price, which bore the refreshing flavours of the ocean. It was one of the better pasta dishes in cafes in my opinion.

The French Toast ($17), albeit coming at a steeper price, was worth every penny. Its honey thyme syrup was the main element that sets it apart from its average counterparts. An uncommon choice of sweetener, it added a nice layer of earthy and savory notes to the dish.

Meanwhile, the dollop of mascarpone took a shot at stealing the spotlight with how confusingly light it was. The staff mentioned that it was literally just mascarpone, so perhaps it was the tartness of their berry compote that lifted its richness.

Of course, the french toast itself with fried to perfection, with a light fragrance of butter and eggs.

Cafes in Singapore are usually hits or misses, mainly because of how seemingly simple most cafe dishes are, such as sliced avocados on toasts and scrambled eggs. But it takes a master chef to bring out the full potential of these everyday ingredients, which is what the head chef of Steep does to perfection.

Steep was founded by 3 individuals who was passionate about food. The name of the cafe comes from the process of steeping coffee grounds in water to extract its flavour, depicting them primarily as a coffeehouse.

Espresso-based coffee starts from $3.5 for a shot of Espresso and $4.5 for Black and $5 for White.

Those who prefer a milder profile can opt for their cold brew. the Day Tripper ($7), Steep’s variation of the white cold brew, was lightly sweetened; a good balance between a latte and coffee flavored ice cream.

Non-caffeinated drink also includes Chai Latte ($5.5), Matcha Latte ($5.5) and hot tea from 1872 Clipper Tea Co.


Location: 32 Dunlop St, #01-01, Singapore 209360
Opening hours: 9am-5pm

*This article is written in collaboration with Steep

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