When people mention true-wireless earphones, Sudio probably isn’t the first thing you think of. However, they have been making pretty good looking earphones for the past few years. I have always wanted to test out a pair of Sudio, so when we were sent the new pair of Sudio Nio (releasing 11 Jan 2021), I decided to give them a shot. After testing them for about a week, here is my review of the S$119 Sudio Nio.

Preliminary Verdict

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Just in case you don’t have the time to read the entire article, I’ll put a brief conclusion here. The Sudio Nios look good, are comfortable and have decent battery life. They are incredibly bass heavy, and sometimes this drowns out the mids and highs. Overall, they are decent for the price that you are paying, and are worth your consideration.

They are really bass-y earphones, but for how much you’re paying, they are worth considering.

Looking Clean

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Starting with the looks. Sudio has once again designed something clean and simple. They are definitely understated, and the pair we have here is a nice neutral sand color. They resemble Airpods, but I actually think these look better. All in all, no complaints here, these will look good on you.

The Sudio Nio resembles Airpods, but I think they actually look better.

Feather Weight

At the first glance, you would think that these are plastic-y, and I wouldn’t blame you. They are made from plastic, and don’t feel as well built as what is arguably the industry standard, the Airpods. However, the plastic build means that they are light. So much to the point where I forget that I’m wearing earphones at times. They’re comfortable, and you get 4 wingtip sizes in the box (take notes Apple), to customise the fit. The Sudio Nios are very comfortable to use, and I never feel any soreness after using them for long periods.

They may feel plastic-y, but they are very light and comfortable to use.

Super Bass

That bass. These are incredibly bass-heavy. It’s actually impressive how Sudio has managed to put so much bass into such a small package. Kick drums hit hard, sub-bass makes your head shake. It felt like I was standing in front of a subwoofer listening to these. The bass here, I can’t say this enough, is impressive.

However, having so much bass in earphones will cause some problems. The mid-range (where most instruments and vocals are) consistently gets overpowered by the bass. They are there, and you can hear it, but sometimes vocals feel like they are being outshined by the bass. The highs (like high-hats) also have the same issue, occasionally getting lost and completely overpowered by the bass.

That said, if you are a bass-head, these are for you.

Incredible amounts of bass, which can drown out mids and highs. If you are a bass lover, these are for you.

Sudio Nio. Consider or Buy?

Before I get into the conclusion, let’s wrap up some loose ends. These are IPX4 splash resistant, have 20 hours of battery life and touch controls on the earphones. All these are creature comforts and nice to see on a pair of sub-S$150 earphones. So with all that in mind, what do I think of the Sudio Nio?

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They are very bass heavy, and the unfortunate thing is that this bass will drown out mids and highs. Furthermore, Sudio doesn’t have an app that allows you to mess with an equalizer to tone down the bass. They actually produce decent mids and highs, but you are stuck with this really bass-y sound signature. This means you will inevitably lose detail in your music.

I have to admit then, that this sound isn’t for me. I personally prefer something with a more neutral sound. Yet, every time I put these on and press play, I just can’t help but smile. Yes the mids and highs get drowned out, yes they kick me in the butt when the beat drops, but there’s something about the bass that just cracks me up. So for that, it is remarkable.

The Sudio Nio will be available in Singapore starting 11 Jan 2021 at S$119. Get 15% off all Sudio products with our discount code <DISTRICT15>!

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