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Sun Ray Cafe is a pet-friendly cafe nestled in the housing estates near Serangoon Gardens.

Affordable cafe food

Sun Ray Cafe is full of surprises. The first was its insanely affordable menu, with breakfast that starts from $6 and pasta from $9.

The Chili Crab Pasta ($14) had a balance of sugar, spice and everything nice. The pasta was slightly fair from al dente, but the soft crab was portioned generously and surprisingly crispy albeit being drenched in sauce. 

Buffalo Wings ($8 for six pieces)

For sides, we got the Buffalo Wings ($8) which were crispy, properly seasoned, with a side of house-made barbecue sauce.

Breakfast includes Eggs Benedict ($7), Scrambled Eggs on Toasts ($3), French Toast ($6) and more classics.

We got the Savory French Toast ($8) which was part of their daily special. A thick slice of french toast, bacon and sunny side up with a generous drizzle of maple syrup. The french toast didn’t have nice browned edges and it wasn’t eggy enough. Simple, but not something I’d pay $8 for.

It wasn’t just the french toast though. From a glance of the other tables, I thought the breakfasts at Sun Ray Cafe looked mediocre. While it might be unfair for me to judge without tasting them, they resembled food that anyone could whip up in their kitchen. I would rather spend slightly more for their pasta.

Sun Ray Cafe’s specialty coffee

While the cafe looked unassuming, they roast their own coffee beans. ‘The Fair Lady’ espresso blend features a prominent fruit note whereas ‘The Horny Boy’ caters to the general preference towards nuttier profiles.

But, I was more intrigued by their speciality coffee. Their Brighton ($3) had a deep chocolate flavour with an zesty punch. I would’ve preferred a more subtle touch with the orange peel. 

Other speciality coffee includes Shakarato ($3) which was sweetened espresso shaken with ice and Metrosexual ($4) which was gula melaka, coffee liqueur and spice.

Milkshake & desserts

Besides coffee, Sun Ray Cafe also has milkshakes and smoothies. The D24 Durian Smoothie (S7) and Hojicha Milkshake ($6) were tempting but we settled for the Cookies and Cream Milkshake ($4).

Again, very affordable considering the average price is $7. But it was milkier in terms of flavour and texture, giving us more of an impression of cookies and cream milk, rather than a milkshake. Some people might prefer this if they don’t like a sinful, thick and creamy cup of milkshake though.

For a palate cleanse, get their Fresh Fruit Juice ($5) that is made freshly without adding sugar.

The S’mores Pie ($5.5) featured a smooth and creamy chocolate and caramel ganache with graham crackers and marshmallows as toppings. It was sinful but a little saccharine towards the end. And, while the pie crust was flaky, it was already starting to turn soggy. I wouldn’t say it’s a bad dessert but it’s definitely one meant for sharing.

But the most important thing…

Don’t forget to let your pets dine with you with Sun Ray Cafe’s specialized pet-friendly menu. The most affordable option is White Rice ($1), but you can go a little fancier and splurge on Pet Pork Loin ($13). We went with the small Minced Boiled Salmon ($4), which had a nice flaky texture but was a little under seasoned. I was kidding. I didn’t actually try it, but our dog Kuro seemed to enjoy it tons.


Sun Ray Cafe isn’t a place for enjoying good food. It’s a place for pet owners to bond with their pets and socialise with other pet owners. For $6 you shouldn’t expect high-quality dishes, but they were decent, especially considering how pricey pet-friendly cafes can be.

Location: 79 Brighton Cres, Singapore 559218
Tel: +65 8909 8458
Opening hours: 8:30am- 10pm


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