What do you prioritise when it comes to buying a good pair of shoes? Comfort, style and pricing are some factors that I look out for. But sadly, it’s not easy to find a perfect pair that encompasses all three.

Since I have started travelling more often lately, Sunnystep shoes came in handy as they were made to be blister-free, lightweight with stable arch support.

This is how I backpacked Thailand for three weeks comfortably.

Balance Runner (Sakura) $135

Let’s just say I have never worn a pair of shoes like this. Most shoes require you to “season” them — breaking it in, softening the sole and the inner lining. You have to wear new shoes in multiple short periods to prevent a blister from forming.

But Sunnystep shoes doesn’t need to be “seasoned”, and can be extremely comfortable on the first wear. I wore it for an entire day for the first time, and it is truly blister-free as the brand claims.

The shoes come with structured insoles and acupressure massage points so that you can stand or walk for long hours without feeling too tired. I brought it for hiking around Khao Yai National Park and it was quite a breeze.

Since I was going on a backpacking trip, packing light was important.

The Sunnystep Balance Runner served as a second pair of shoes for me while I brought an old pair of sneakers for more casual wear. Due to its lightweight function, not only was it convenient to stuff it in my bag, it didn’t feel like a burden to my feet as well.

Sad to admit, but I am rather clumsy and careless with my shoes. With Sunnystep, I can close one eye without the need to be too particular on where I step. There were many incidents when I accidentally stepped on muddy areas but the dirt could be easily wiped off with a wet tissue.

With no visible logo or loud designs, the shoe design is also very minimalistic and versatile to match any outfit, including skirts and dresses.

The Sunnystep Balance Runner comes in a variety of colours — Cream, Silver, White, Black and many others.

If you are looking for a pair of comfortable shoes with good aesthetics, this well-loved brand by many Singaporeans might just be the right choice for you.


*This article is written in partnership with Sunnystep, but all opinions are of my own

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