One Nimman is a place known for its trendy lifestyle and vibrant nightlife. Among the best places that perfectly represent the district’s dynamic charm is the enchanting Surr Bar, nestled on the 8th floor of the Art Mai Gallery Hotel.

With its celebration of Surrealism art and meticulously crafted cocktails, Surr Bar offers an extraordinary experience that blurs the lines between reality and dreams.

Surrealism-inspired cocktail bar

A surreal escape in the heart of One Nimman

At the heart of Surr Bar lies its remarkable selection of signature cocktails, each thoughtfully designed by their team of skillful bartenders. With a diverse range of flavours, from classic to refreshing and spirited-forward blends, you are bound to have a good time here.

Delve into the tantalising choices on the menu. Paying homage to Thailand’s beloved dessert, the Mango Sticky Rice (380 baht) is a harmonious fusion of rum, rice whisky, roasted hazelnut, mango, coconut, and lemon. Refreshing and lightly sweet, the nuttiness of the hazelnut and rice whisky added a nice complement to the mango flavour.

Alternatively, order the Surr (380 baht). This concoction features the aromatic symphony of gin, lillet blanc, jasmine, and a lemon twist, the very essence of the bar’s name and inspiration.

The bar not only offers a breathtaking night view of the city, but it’s also a sight that simply defies capturing its true glory in a mere photo. With floor-to-ceiling windows positioned at the end of the bar, lucky patrons might get the chance to secure the coveted couch table that provides an unobstructed vantage point to marvel at the city’s splendor. Yet, if the artistic allure of the bar doesn’t resonate with your soul, fret not, for another captivating experience awaits just a few steps away. Ascend to the rooftop pool, where the mesmerizing skyline of the city unfolds before your eyes in all its grandeur. As one of the district’s tallest buildings, you’ll be treated to an uninterrupted view of the setting sun, casting its glorious hues across the horizon.

Surr Bar

Location: 8th floor, Art Mai Gallery Hotel, Soi3, Nimmanahaeminda Road, Tambon Su Thep, Mueang Chiang Mai District, Chiang Mai 50200, Thailand
Tel: +66 81 714 9833
Opening hours:

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