Japanese themed cafe with zen interior

This Japanese inspired cafe in the West is something to talk about. Furnished in wood and warm lights and finished with zen gardens and a bamboo fountain, Suzuki Gourmet Coffee certainly has its appeal during this dark era of strict travel restrictions.

Suzuki isn’t a new name. In fact, it’s one of the pioneer coffee roasters in Singapore, dating back to 1979. But they’ve recently revamped their cafe to a contemporary, Kyoto-style concept.

Locally roasted coffee

Hokkaido milk is imported to match its theme. It also accentuates the sweetness of their Suzuki Original Blend which contained light notes of chocolate and nuts.

While it was decent, it tasted generic, reminding me of Starbuck’s latte. The Hokkaido milk did little to enhance the drink as well. Meanwhile, Baristart‘s BIEI Jersey milk had a stronger appeal.

To be fair, this was likely catered towards the general public. Other blends and single origin are also available for more nuanced profiles.

Besides traditionally brewed coffee, brave souls can experiment with their Autumn Fizz ($8), a seasonal special that features a blend of citrus and espresso.

The first sip was intriguing. It was refreshing, tart with a bitter aftertaste. But I couldn’t bring myself to finish the concoction.

For non-caffeinated drinks, the Matcha Latte ($8) had a mild grassy note and leaned more towards the creamier spectrum, especially since it was topped with whipped cream. Again, reminding me of Starbucks, but amped up.

Japanese treats

The Japanese theme is further reinforced with a Japanese-snacks only menu. 

Get the An-Pan Samutsuki ($8), a recommendation from the barista. It’s an authentic Japanese treat from an old Wagashi shop in Hokkaido. Its light fragrance of honey pairs well with the coffee’s chocolate notes.

Meanwhile, their Dorayaki ($13), had a generous, maybe excessive, amount of red bean paste.

Neither tasted bad, but I wouldn’t see myself paying that much again. Takashimaya would suffice.


I thought everything, even the authentic Japanese snacks, was overpriced.

The ambience would’ve been worth paying for. You have to hand it to them, the furnishing had a zen, Japanese teahouse aesthetic. But the view from the windows served as painful reminders that we were in fact stuck in a local industrial compound.

Location: 8 Chin Bee Ave, Singapore 619932
Tel: +65 6266 3933
Opening hours: 
Mon: Closed
Tue- Thur: 10am- 5pm
Sat- Sun: 10am- 4pm


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