A luxury walk-in wardrobe is probably every girl’s dream and is guaranteed to get the attention and envy of other females. But with limited space in many Singapore homes, most often, it’s simply not practical to do so. That being said, it doesn’t mean that you don’t deserve to own a feminine and pink dressing room in your newly renovated home!

Taobao is a furniture shopping heaven that gives you access to the most unique items to complete your checklist. Whether you’re looking for minimalistic, scandinavian or classy interior design, it’s not difficult to find something from their website to match your house. Trust us, when we say that it’s challenging to stop at one.

For your convenience sake, we have consolidated a list of best pink and feminine furniture or decor that can fit into your dream lady cave. Read all the way to learn about some little tips for shopping at Taobao!

Disclaimer: The suggestions do not represent our personal experiences as we did not make the purchase.

Source: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/704391197951862898/

1) Pink & White Dressing Table Set with Heart Chair

While the dressing table set might be small and simple, it can be a standout piece in the dressing room. The heart backrest and gold frames also add a classy and feminine vibe to the overall design.

2) White/ Gold Accessories Trinket Tray with Bunny Design

Don’t overlook small accessories trinket trays as such, they can elevate the overall ambience of your room!

3) Gold Luxurious Accessories/ Jewellery Tray

There are lots of jewellery trays in larger sizes for different purposes too. The gold border really adds to the ‘atas’ feel. These trays are also great for organising your items in your cabinets/drawers.

4) Marble Gold/ Rose Gold Round Mirror Stand

Marble goes really well with gold and rose gold rim, these 2x zoom mirrors will make your daily makeup routine a lot easier! And it serves a great purpose as a table prop too.

5) European Dried Flowers Vase For Essential Oil

A girly and feminine pink room cannot be complete without some sweet florals! These dried flowers are perfect to be used as an essential oil diffuser, looking and smelling lovely at the same time.

6) Classy & Gold Makeup Brushes Holder/ Organiser

Organisers help to keep your desks neat, and these transparent boxes with gold rims give you an opportunity to show off your favourite set of makeup brushes or skincare products.

7) White/ Pink/ Gold Table Lamp

You might have all the lights in the room enough to convert into a photo studio, but one can never be too extra with a really cute Mickey-inspired lamp, especially when it comes in a pretty shade of gold, pink and white!

8) Nordic Style Soft Tissue Cover

Ditch those standard and boring tissue boxes that you get from supermarkets. With these nordic style soft tissue covers, you’ll look like you have just stepped out of a princess room set.

9) Imitation Wool White Plush Carpet/ Rug

Not only are these white plush rugs comfortable to lie on, they act as really good photo props if you like to take selfies after dressing up!

10) European Style Luxurious Pink Sofa with Gold Stands

If your dressing room has the luxury of extra space, throw in a European style sofa for an extra touch of princess vibes. It also acts as an extra space for you to place your clothes while you’re trying on different outfits!

11) White and Gold Cabinet

Storage space is really important to keep your stash of makeup and skincare products! This minimalistic white and gold cabinet keep things simple yet classy.

12) Rose Gold and Gold Clothes Hanger
北欧ins金属衣架 家用室内衣架服装店金色衣架实心衣挂衣橱铁衣架

With such a perfectly designed room, you cannot go wrong with these gorgeous clothes hangers.

Shopping on Taobao might be frustrating to those who are unfamiliar with the website or not as proficient in Chinese. Here are some basic tips to make your life easier while searching for the items that you want.

Keyword Search

If you are unsure of the exact product name, type certain keywords such as 北欧,装饰, 小饰品摆件 to see if the results suit your wish list. From there, you can view more suggested items and play around with the different keywords for a wider selection.

Photo Search

The photo search method is also very useful to find something similar to your photo if you want the exact product without having the complete name.

After several searches, you will realise that Taobao has the “magical ability” to read your mind, and you’ll start seeing similar products that you may like. You’ve been warned… once you start browsing, it’s difficult to stop!

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