Tucked away in an inconspicuous mall opposite Bencoolen MRT Station lies a mac & cheese speciality store. The Big Cheese is no ordinary mac and cheese eatery with its unique DIY feature.

Forget the classic bacon and bread crumbs or the bougie variation with hunks of lobster. You can be your very own mac & cheese craftsman here, choosing from 6 different types of cheese, 5 pasta shapes, an assortment of protein and greens and an array of sides. The possibilities are endless. Furthermore, compared to most mac & cheese in restaurants and cafes, the prices there are pretty low.

That being said, those who wants a no-frill meal and just want to get their cravings curbed can just order their speciality flavours.

The All American, Big Cheese, Mac & Grill and Siracha Chicken are priced at S$8.

The truffle oil and pulled beef in Big Cheese won me over. I was surprised at the intensity of the truffle, which by the way, was a flawless pairing with charred gruyere. But, while I wasn’t expecting large chunks of beef cubes in the box, I was hoping for at least a substantial bite of the red meat. However, only small shreds of the beef were present which was overpowered by the aroma of the cheese and truffle oil. 

Meanwhile, In comparison to the pulled beef, the Sriracha Chicken had substantial pieces of chicken here, albeit tiny, was still significantly larger. There was a good spice level to the mac and cheese but there isn’t a distinct kick. Instead, it’s sweeter and milder.

Which Pasta Shape to Order?

While ultimately all types of pasta taste the same, the fusili is, in my opinion, the best pasta for any kind of mac and cheese. Its larger surface area allows it to be coated with more cheese, thus maximizing the flavour of every bite. The conchiglie is also a good choice as it allows pockets of cheese to be trapped inside the conch-shaped pasta.

The DIY mac and cheese are slightly cheaper, at S$6.50 for a small box (16oz) and S$8.50 for large (26oz).

I am in no way a food connoisseur, but here are some of the combinations that I feel are great options when you opt for the DIY mac and cheese. 

#1 Vegetarian
Pasta: Fusili
Cheese: Mozzarella + Feta (+$1.00)
Green: Spinach + Broccoli
Topping: Ritz Crumbs 

#2 Seafood Supreme
Pasta: Conchiglie
Cheese: Parmesan + Gouda (+$1.00)
Protein/Green: Shrimp + Spinach
Topping: Truffle Oil

#3 Double Beef
Pasta: Fusili
Cheese: Cheddar + Gruyere (+$1.00)
Protein: Beef Pepperoni + Chicken Sausage
Topping: Dorito Crumbs
Add Ons: Sunny-side Up (+$1.50)


This definitely satisfied my cravings, and maybe even more. Before this, I’ve always thought that there’s no such thing as too much cheese. And this is coming from a guy who used to dump half the bottle of powdered cheese on his baked pasta in 18 Chefs and put 4 slices of cheese in a grilled cheese. But on that day, I realized it was possible to have too much cheese. It’s not overwhelming to the point where you can’t finish a box but it’s just really not that satisfying once you reach the bottom. I recommend getting the small box.

Location: 91, 01-59 Bencoolen St, 189652
Tel: +65 8119 2664
Opening hours: 12pm- 9pm (Closed on Sundays)

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