Are you a fan of durian ‘everything’?

If you want to satisfy your durian cravings all year round, The Durian Bakery specialises in handcrafted durian cakes with a selection of desserts like durian cream puff, mochi and mousse in Singapore.

You might have avoided durian desserts before due to its highly artificial taste; other bakeries tend to use processed durian. But that is not the case with The Durian Bakery, which commits to only using fresh Grade A Mao Shan Wang and Sultan King durians to create their special SilkyGold Durian Purée through a secret blending process.

The MSW Durian Ice Cream Cake (1kg) is doused in pure Canadian maple syrup and topped with Lotus biscoff crumbs for an extra crunch. There is also a whole vanilla ice-cream cone decorated on top, making it an Instagrammable feature. The cake is layered in durian ice-cream, and a sponge cake base and encapsulated with whipped cream to balance out the durian flavour. Each bite leaves you yearning for more.

We also had the Signature Durian Dessert Box which consists of the following:

  • 1x box of 8 Super Burst MSW Giant Puff (8 pieces)
  • 1x box of 6 D24 Snowy Mochi
  • 1x pcs of Dark Choco MSW Mousse

The Dark Choco MSW Mousse was a decadent treat, consisting of a sinfully dark chocolate mousse with fresh musang king durian puree. It was so creamy and smooth, with a thick consistency. The hazelnut feuilletine as the base also added a crispy texture to the cake.

Take a bite and the indulgent durian puree oozes out from the soft and chewy mochi skin of the D24 Snowy Mochi.The mochi skin was one of the most delicate ones I’ve came across, melting in your mouth along with the creamy durian puree.

The Super Burst MSW Giant Puff lives up to its name as it is about two to three times larger than the usual sizes. It consists of light airy choux puff pastry generously filled with divine, luscious, and mouth-watering durian filling. While the fragrance of the durian was intense, it wasn’t overwhelming, and there was no issue finishing two of these in one setting.

The Durian Bakery

Location: The Commerze @ Irving, #02-26, Singapore 369546 (for self collection orders only)
Opening Hours: 9am-6pm
Self-collection available daily until 5pm
Last delivery at 10pm

*This article is written in collaboration with The Durian Bakery, but all opinions are my own

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