The first honey-themed cafe, The Forage Cafe, did more than meet our expectations. It’s located along Upper Changi Road, specifically the stretch of eateries where Tian Tian Hainanese Chicken Rice is at.

Every dish served at The Forage Cafe is drizzled in honey that’s foraged straight from their own farm. Yes, even their savoury dishes.

I’m an avid supporter of Team Pancakes but this is that one waffle dish that made me waver. The Chili Cheese Chicken (S$15.9) comprised of buttermilk waffles, fried chicken thighs and their signature chili cheese sauce; not forgetting their honey of course.

The buttermilk waffle was aromatic, crispy and airy, with just the right touch of bite. It was truly heavenly.

It’s paired with juicy chicken thighs with a thin layer of skin but it wasn’t the crispiest due to the way it’s served, smothered between the waffles, but it was properly seasoned. Despite that, it retained enough crisp but even without, the dish held up due to the crispiness of the waffle.

It was doused in their signature chili cheese sauce which should be palatable to those with a low spice tolerance. It mainly consisted of savoury and smokey notes, which paired well with the floral nuances of their honey.

Other Grilled Waffle Sandwiches include Jalapeño Beef Ragu (S$18.9), Smoked Salmon & Eggs (S$17.9), Turkey Ham & Cheese (S$15.9) and The Green Sandwich (S$15.9).

Contenders of dessert waffles could also get it Plain (S$10.9) with a choice between chocolate, honey and salted caramel or topped with Mixed Berries (S$18.9).

For the drinks, we went for the Iced Honey Cafe Latte (S$5.5) and Matcha (S$6). Before we even say anything, just look at the portion. This was almost two regular cups you’d get at any other cafes.

The coffee had a nutty undertone with a lingering bitter aftertaste, which the honey did little beside adding a touch of sweetness. I had a taste of just the honey, which was delightful with nuances of Lavender and a mix of other floral aromas. If only more of it could shine through in the coffee though. 

And, you know how I adore Matcha and honey ever since my visit to Chock Full Of Beans. Seriously, you have to try it.


Themed cafes ether do well or they don’t. And I’m just glad The Forage Cafe isn’t just a gimmick. 

Location: 30 Jln Pari Burong, Singapore 488696
Tel: +65 8869 7131
Opening hours: 8am- 10pm


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