We’ve seen an increasing trend on superfoods such as chia and kale. But I think it’s about time we turn back the clock and place our attention on the traditional superfoods such as bird’s nest and snow hashima. The Purest Co. is an online store in Singapore that specializes in traditional superfoods, made convenient as a ready-to-drink product. Here, you can easily buy and consume birds nest, collagen, Wolfberries and other superfoods in Singapore.

The Purest Co.

The Purest Co. was founded out of frustration as one of the co-founders struggled to source for bird’s nest for his pregnant wife. It’s a hassle to cook bird’s nest and most ready-to-drink ones were either vague in their contents, nutritional value, sources and processes. For example, leaving out the amount of bird’s nest used and where they were sourced from. Hence, resulting in a brand that not only focuses on producing the highest quality goods but committing to transparency so that their customers can fully trust them, which is what I think is the most important when it comes to health and nutrition-related products.

Ready-to-drink Superfood

I love how hassle-free it is. All you have to do is pop the lid open and take a spoonful. The Purest Co. uses the highest quality ingredients that are all-natural and cook them in small batch ensuring freshness and proper quality control.

We tried birds nest in Wolfberries & Pandan and Collagen & Pearl and Snow Hashima in Red Dates & American Ginseng. In general, the sweetness is mellow as promised. But, it is still sweet enough for a palatable bite.

Benefits of Bird’s Nest and Snow Hashima

I’m fairly certain most of you are aware that bird’s nest and snow hashima are highly sourced for their health benefits. But, exactly how do these improve your health?

Both, while sourced differently (more information below), have very similar health benefits. They’re packed with proteins, amino acids and minerals which are vital in boosting one’s immune system and protect against infection. They’re known to improve skin complexion and nourish the lungs, and in addition, bird’s nest aids digestion.

Sustainable harvesting

For those who were unaware, bird’s nest are a special type of nest created by Swiftlets, birds that are native to Southeast Asia. Unlike other birds who build their homes with twigs, they excrete solidified saliva and weave them delicately in a mesh pattern to build their nests. Once the swiftlet babies learn to fly, the entire family abandons the nest entirely, which are then harvested. Only the empty ones are harvest to prevent over-harvesting and damaging the ecosystem.

Hassle-free purchase online

Purchase bird’s nest, snow hashima and collagen online on The Purest Co‘s website from S$209 per month.

*This article is written in collaboration with The Purest Co.

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