Two dogs at The Urban Hideout, dog-friendly cafe at Sembawang

Gelato, waffles, pasta and Nyonya curry rice? This cafe really has it all.

Situated in the far ends of the island in Sembawang, The Urban Hideout is one of the newest indoor pet-friendly cafes. As its name suggests, shirk from your modern-day problems with a good cup of coffee and a creamy bite of gelato with the company of your furry best friend.

The Urban Hideout prides on their gelato and waffles but their mains and all-day brunch shouldn’t be neglected either.

Their small menu proves that size really does not matter because every dish we ordered far exceeded our expectations.

Starting off with an uncanny item on a predominantly westernised menu- Nyonya Curry Chicken ($12.9). Fluffy jasmine rice paired with creamy Nyonya curry chicken with a homely taste. ‘Grandma’s curry’, as stated on the menu, really is an apt description. Not too salty- as my grandma would preach, ‘too much sodium is unhealthy’- but packed with a complex assortment of spices.

On the other hand, the Truffle Al Funghi ($15.9) was more prominently salted to draw out the earthy fragrance of truffle. Indubitably, the black summer truffle was the star here, with a creamy sauce that clings tightly onto the linguine for maximum flavour.

Do note that the Pork Bratwurst ($3) is an add-on.

One of the best waffles in Singapore

They pride on their waffles, and they deserve every bit of it.

We opted for Eggs Benedict Waffles ($16.9) with Smoked Salmon (+$2). The waffles were definitely one of the best ones I’ve tried, on par with the buttermilk waffles from The Forage Cafe. Extremely crispy and airy, with just the right amount of sweetness and butter.

Besides this and the perfectly poached eggs, their special homemade hollandaise sauce also deserves a shoutout. With a thicker consistency than traditional hollandaise, it was infused with a cheesy, smoky and slightly spicy nuance.

Of course, you can also pair their waffles with a scoop of their ice cream.


Interior of The Urban Hideout - Garden-theemd Cafe

The Urban Hideout is on par with Menage Cafe, another indoor dog-friendly cafe with pretty good food. The only difference is, I might come back to The Urban Hideout without my dear puppy just for their waffles.

Location: 60 Springside Walk #01-05, 1 The Brooks, 786020
Tel: +65 8879 9722
Opening hours: 
10:30am- 10:30pm


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