While Halloween Horror Nights might be the go-to choice for some, we understand that it might be time for new spine-tingling experiences. Of course, we have alternative horror houses for those who chase heart-stopping scares, but we’ve also included a variety of others. If you’re not into scares, perhaps a Halloween party, where you don your favourite Halloween costume, is more your style. Not forgetting the children as well; we’ve compiled family-friendly Halloween gatherings with just enough Halloween decorations and treats to enchant the senses. So, whether you’re a die-hard horror aficionado or prefer to tiptoe through the Halloween season with a lighter spirit, the only rule is to have a devilishly good time.

These are the 8 best Halloween events in Singapore that isn’t Halloween Horror Nights.

1. Shanghai Underground: Long Live the Dai Lo

Photo: The Dragon Chamber

In collaboration with Peddlers Gin, they present “Shanghai Underground: Long Live the Dai Lo” — a Halloween with a Chinese funeral theme.

This one-night only event promises an eerie night filled with themed installations, best-dressed giveaways, and light-hearted games, all accompanied by a generous serving of spirits.

This event is part of the Shanghai-inspired series, and its Halloween edition, “Long Live the Dai Lo,” promises a sinister twist. Patrons are invited to pay their respects to The Dragon Chamber’s former leader, just as one would at a Chinese funeral, all while indulging in delectable dishes and spirits.

Furthermore, The Dragon Chamber is hosting a “Best Dressed” competition with a grand prize of a 2D1N stay at the newly opened Mondrian Singapore Duxton. Runner-up prizes include bottles of Peddlers Gin and $100 worth of drink-and-dine vouchers for return visits.

Date: 28 October 2023

Location: 2 Circular Road, Singapore 049358
Time: From 5pm

2. Gateway to Hell

Gear up for Halloween as orchardgateway and The Blue Pocket team up to present their inaugural Halloween event — Gateway to Hell: Reliving the Gruesome 60s.

From 14 to 31 October, this iconic mall transforms into a sinister haunt, complete with an immersive haunted house set in 1960s Singapore. What sets this apart is the inclusion of a Virtual Reality gaming experience, adding an extra layer of thrills. Capture your bravery at the photo booth and, if you survive, walk away with limited edition goodie bags as a testament to your courage.

The haunted house is open from 6:30pm to 11:30pm on weekdays and from 12pm to 11:30pm on weekends. For the bravest souls, the Halloween weekend offers a special treat with extended hours until 1am.

Date: 14-31 October 2023

Location: 277 Orchard Rd, Singapore 238858
Opening hours:
Mon-Fri: 6:30-11:30pm
Sat-Sun: 12-11:30pm

3. SpooktoberFest at CQ @ Clarke Quay

Photo: CapitaLand

Singapore’s iconic Clarke Quay is gearing up to give Halloween a jaw-dropping twist with their SpooktoberFest event, inspired by none other than the kooky and mysterious Addams Family.

This one-day only event kicks off with an energetic start, featuring a Halloween-themed HIIT workout by BOLD Fitness, dressed in your best Addams Family-inspired attire. A workout on Halloween might sound unconventional, but you get to stand a chance to win a 2-week BOLD membership and eCapitaVouchers. And for those who love a friendly competition, the Pump-It-Up dance machine sets the stage for an exhilarating dance-off.

But the excitement doesn’t stop there. Engage in a thrilling Find The Thing Scavenger Hunt, dress up as The Addams Family, and snap your way to attractive prizes. If you’re in an artsy mood, try your hand at Ophelia Hall Window Coaster Colouring – a fang-tastic way to celebrate Halloween and showcase your artistic talents.

As the sun sets, unleash your dancing shoes and groove to the pulsating sets by O.K Ready! and DJ Boi Kay. The night is a canvas for your Halloween creativity, with the Best Halloween Costume Competition and Airbrush Tattoo Stations. The winners will earn bragging rights and attractive prizes.

Date: 28 October 2023

Location: Clarke Quay
Time: From 1pm

4. Harrowing Halloween

Photo: Singapore Discovery Centre

Prepare yourself for an unforgettable journey into the heart of darkness with Singapore Discovery Centre. 

As the moon casts an eerie glow, you’ll find yourself tiptoeing through shadowy corridors and abandoned classrooms, with the unsettling sensation that someone, or something, is watching your every move.

But don’t let fear consume you, for the Harrowing Halloween at the Singapore Discovery Centre (SDC) promises an adrenaline-packed adventure like no other. This spine-tingling event boasts a haunted house, a daunting maze, an interactive scare zone, and a nerve-wracking horror escape room, complete with holographic elements and escape missions that will keep your heart pounding.

Tickets are available on the official website from $30, including bundle packages with comprises exclusive event merchandise and an escape room pass.

Date: 30 September, 6, 7, 13, 14, 20, 21, 27, 28, 29 October 2023

Location: Singapore Discovery Centre, 510 Upper Jurong Rd, Singapore 638365
Time: 7-11pm

5. Halloween at Skyline Luge

Photo: Skyline Luge / Facebook

For those who crave the perfect blend of adrenaline and horror, Halloween at Skyline Luge is the ultimate treat.

Picture this: as the sun sets and darkness descends, the entire Luge track morphs into a spine-tingling terrain, complete with lurking ghosts and ghouls. To take it a step further, Skyline Luge is collaborating with True Horror Stories POV, ensuring that your heart-pounding ride is accompanied by chilling tales that come to life as you navigate the track.

For just $38, you can enjoy three luge and skyrides.

Date: 21 & 28 October 2023

Location: 45 Siloso Beach Walk, Sentosa
Time: 7-8pm, 8-9pm

6. Rest.In.Peace Centre Horror Experience

Photo: Klook

A quirky name with a rather quirky Halloween experience as well. 

Prepare to step into a realm where the living dare not tread — the Rest.In.Peace Centre Horror Experience, a special haunted house unlike any other. In a chilling twist, you won’t be a frightened human, but rather, a wandering spirit exploring the unsettling depths of the Peace Centre.

With the property slated for foreclosure, tormented souls still roam its twisted corridors, yearning for release. Prepare to come face to face with the apparitions that haunt the Peace Centre, as you navigate their terrifying realms. Each spirit harbours its own nightmarish narrative, such as the harrowing tale of The Weeping Mother.

Tickets are available on Klook for $23.

Date: 13-29 October 2023

Location: 1 Sophia Rd, Singapore 228161

Fri-Sun: 3-9pm

7. Halloween Scream Fest

Here’s a classic horror house, designed to send shivers down your spine and leave you breathless.

With three spine-chilling blocks and nine scare rooms, Halloween Scream Fest offers unlimited thrills and fear that will push you to your limits. In Block A, “The Dark Death,” you’ll race amongst the dead and confront the sinister beings that haunt the shadows. Block B, “Asian Home of Fears,” takes you far from home into a world where dolls hold the souls of the departed, challenging your courage with every step. Block C, “The Final Rite,” is an electrifying grand finale where you’ll need to play by their rules to escape unscathed.

Tickets are available on Klook for $48.

Halloween Scream Fest

Date: 26-29 October 2023 (Thurs to Sun)

Location: D’Marquee, 1 Pasir Ris Cl, Singapore 519599
Thu-Sun: 10.30am-10pm

8. Vessel of The Hexed

Take your halloween party to the next level — a haunted cruise (not really). While you may not be boarding a haunted ship, the Genting Dream, flagship of Resorts World Cruises, offers a Halloween experience that takes festivities to a whole new level.

From now till 1 November 2023, the Genting Dream transforms into the ‘Vessel of The Hexed,’ where every corner is adorned with spooky decor and brought to life by scare actors. It’s a surreal voyage where you’ll be immersed in the chilling ambiance of the season.

But the excitement doesn’t end there. What sets this Halloween experience apart is its variety of offerings, such as Halloween DIY crafts and classic carnival games with a macabre twist. Here, you can unleash your creativity with eerie crafts or test your skills in games that offer a uniquely spooky challenge.

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