Thoughts On The OnePlus 8 Pro

OnePlus. The name that potentially strikes fear in the tech world. The King Slayers. The Flagship Killers. The brand that forced two smartphone giants’- Apple and Samsung- hand, to develop better budget options (iPhone SE 2020 and Galaxy A Series). Up till the OnePlus 7 Pro, OnePlus had been known for packing flagship specs into a phone not more than S$600 or S$700, compared to the S$1000 iPhones and Galaxies.

This year, however, is different. The King Slayer is vying for the throne. On April 14 2020, OnePlus announced the OnePlus 8 Pro, a USD$900 | S$1398 flagship, the first flagship attempt since the company was first founded in 2013. In the past, their phones were excellent for $500- 600.

They were excellent for a “budget-oriented phone”.They were excellent for a phone that undercut the iPhone by 300, 400 dollars. However, in the world of 2020 flagships, and at USD$900, the 8 Pro needs to be excellent, period. These are our thoughts on the 8 Pro, from Flagship Killer to Flagship.

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Specs? Typical OnePlus

Snapdragon 865, baseline 8GB RAM, baseline 128GB fast UFS 3.0 storage, 120HZ AMOLED display, 4510mAH battery. Sound familiar? These are remarkably similar specs to the Galaxy S20 series. One of the best specs lists you can get on the phone market right now, and they set an extremely high expectation of what this phone is capable of. 

OnePlus has once again crammed the best specs they can get into the phone that they are producing, and based on their track record, the 8 Pro is poised to be a fast and snappy phone on par with the S20s and iPhones of the world.


6.78 inch, holepunch, AMOLED, 120hz front display. High refresh rate is back on the 8 Pro and improved to 120 from just 90 last year. This makes the already smooth experience even better and more fluid. The phone will be expected to look and feel snappy and buttery when swiping through pages and articles. For us, High refresh rate is one of the best things that has ever happened to smartphones and it is nice to see OnePlus improving even more this year.

AMOLED tech from Samsung (makers of the best phone displays on the market) will mean that this display is going to be amazing, with the traits of an AMOLED panel like deep inky blacks and punchy reds. 

Stepping up the Camera Game

Source: OnePlus

The OnePluses of the past have always “sacrificed” one aspect of the phone to achieve a lower price, the camera. OnePlus’s cameras have always been sub-par to the flagships that they were trying to “kill”, and it was mostly forgiven due to the lower price tag. However, this year, they really need to step it up given that the 8 Pro is competing in flagship territory.

Preliminary images look decent, better than past devices, but still not quite iPhone level. That said, they are quite comparable to Samsung’s images on the S20, so that is very promising. Overall, if they keep up this level of camera performance, the 8 Pro can be considered to have a flagship level camera.

Big Fuel Tank

With a 4510mAh battery powering all those specs, we have some level of assurance that this year’s battery performance will be good. A 4510mah capacity is nothing to laugh at and is on par with the S20+ from Samsung. Although probably not a two day battery, we expect it to last comfortably into the night just like the S20+, and if it lives up to this expectation (which it probably will), this is again looking like flagship levels of battery performance, which is nice.

Eyes on the Throne

The OnePlus 8 Pro proves that OnePlus has gained a wealth of experience since its founding in 2013, and they have chosen this year to be the one that they would fight with the top-dogs. The USD$900 8 Pro looks like an excellent showing from the company that traditionally makes budget options, and this is a very promising outlook on the market in general.

With old timers like HTC and LG falling off, the primary flagships now belong to Apple and Samsung. Google’s Pixel line is excellent but trailing behind, while companies like Xiaomi and Asus are making good but less well-known phones. With OnePlus aiming for the throne, there will be more pressure on these 2 behemoths to innovate and improve more, benefitting us, the consumers.

In conclusion, the 8 Pro looks really promising, and it seems like it is stepping up to the giants of Apple and Samsung. No pressure then.

The OnePlus 8 Pro is available in Singapore starting at S$1398.

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