Thrift stores are not what they used to be. In the past, people would purchase secondhand clothes and furniture at places such as the Salvation Army for their affordability. But now, people would pay as much, or even more, for vintage finds and unique apparels at the up and coming thrift stores that have been popping up all around Singapore.

Whether you’re looking for vintage designer labels, quirky accessories, or retro-inspired clothing, here are the five best thrift stores in Singapore to shop at.

Best thrift stores in Singapore


Second hand thrifted Carhartt Jeans at STAKEOUT thrift store, sister store of Loopgarms vintage clothes
Dickies Carpenters. Photo: Stakeout

Put your hands up if your thrift cherry was popped at STAKEOUT.

Not surprising, considering STAKEOUT offers a carefully selected range of quality items at affordable prices. From experience, I would say the majority of their apparels are from the “thrifting starter pack” brands — Carhartt, Harley-Davidson, Dickies, etc. — which is ideal for shoppers who are experimenting with incorporating vintage wear in their wardrobe.

Their apparels are already slightly cheaper than some of the more popular vintage thrift stores in Singapore. But to get an even better deal on their clothes, STAKEOUT offers a tiered pricing system. The more you buy, the bigger the discount!

On my first visit, I bought a Harley-Davidson t-shirt for $15, Levi’s wide-legged jeans for $20, and a Carhartt jacket for $80. Prices and apparels aside, the vibes at STAKEOUT is the best on the list. It was my first time ever thrifting, and they just made the experience much more enjoyable. Like what they promised on their Instagram bio, it’s “good vibrations always”.


Location: 635 Veerasamy Rd, #01-154, Singapore 200635

2. Nightingale Thrift

Vintage Shoulder Bag by Enrico Della Rovere. Photo: Nightingale Thrift

Here’s a more obscure thrift store for you.

Nightingale Thrift is located at Queensway Shopping Centre. On top of promoting sustainable fashion, they also support training and employment of people with autism, and donate to needy families via Pass It On.

But of course, their clothes are a steal too — Montagut at $16, Polo Ralph Lauren at $15, and Champion hoodies at $20. But that’s not where it ends. They also house a wide variety of vintage handbags. If you visit them, you’ll notice that most of their apparels are as good as new, and that’s because they do have a lot of unused clothing on their shelves, which is unconventional of a thrift store.

Nightingale Thrift

Location: 1 Queensway Queensway Shopping Centre, #03-05, 149053

3. MINDS Shop Plus @ NTUC Healthcare

This might not sound like a place for youngsters to thrift. While they do not have trendy vintage wear, they do have a great collection of formal shirts from brands such as ZARA and G2000.

There are also vintage leather bags, some quirky belts and ties, and if you’re lucky, you might be able to cop something valuable from their $1 pile. 

MINDS Shop Plus @ NTUC Healthcare

Location: Blk 71 Redhill Road, #01-29, Singapore 150071

4. Vintagewknd

Patchwork jeans from Vintagewknd
Patchwork jeans. Photo: Vintagewknd

Going beyond the average thrift store, Vintagewknd is renown for their innovative approach to reworking pre-loved apparels.

Case in point, their iconic patchwork jeans. On top of that, you can find reworked tote bags, cropped jackets, embroidered dresses, and more. Their latest collection features cottage core dresses and cropped tops. Every piece in this collection is crafted by hand using upcycled textiles that draw inspiration from cosy cottages, including tea towels, tapestry upholstery, and embroidered table linens.

Vintagewknd will also be opening their second outlet at at 41 Haji Lane on 24 March.


Location: 41 Haji Ln, Singapore 189234

5. Function Five Thrift Shop

Function Five Thrift Store - thrift store at Bugis
Photo: Function Five Thrift Shop

One of the newer thrift stores in Singapore, Function Five Thrift Shop is located along Arab Street, just a short walk from Bugis MRT Station.

Function Five Thrift Shop is known for its crazy promotions — $2 offerings, fill-a-bag event, free jacket for every purchase… Even without the promotions, apparels go off for as low as $5 per piece. The cheaper items are generally quirky graphic t-shirts that you can easily find at King Bundle at Johor Bahru, but you can also get the more premium brands such as Polo Ralph Lauren and Patagonia from $15 to $25.

If you’re looking for authentic vintage apparels, head up to the second floor. 

Function Five Thrift Shop

Location: 43 Arab St, Singapore 199742

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