Orh Nee Cake at Toby's Kopi Toast Bakery

An unpretentious eatery at Clementi, Toby’s Kopi Toast Bakery serves one of the best cakes in Singapore.

From the cakes, you would expect Toby’s Kopi Toast Bakery to be your typical cafe, but it was more that. It bore the appearance of your typical local eatery. It was a clash of local and foreign cuisines, reflective of Peggy’s- founder of Toby’s- passion for cooking.

The Orh Nee Cake ($7.9), built with layers of chunky yam paste, vanilla sponge and yam cream, encompassed a genuine and intense yam flavour. Honestly, all the yam cakes I’ve had, which isn’t a lot, were pretty good. But this defintely stood out in terms of flavour.

Chocolate cakes may be basic but it’s hard to get it right. Good chocolate cakes are either light and airy, imparted with just a hint of cocoa, or dense and rich, a painful reminder of the amount of calories you’re consuming. The Chocolate Ambrosia ($5.9) was a mix of both worlds, with the richness of the latter and the airiness of the former, resulting in a sinful bite that was nowhere near cloying.

On the other spectrum of Toby’s Kopi Toast Bakery menu, you’ll find local favorites such as Kaya Toast Sets ($3) and Curry Chicken Rice ($6.9).

Served in a huge portion, the Curry Chicken Rice was slathered in an aromatic spiced-up curry sauce and topped with a fried chicken cutlet that was light and crispy, with a tender interior.

Local drinks are also available on the menu with an Iced Coffee at $1.8 and Iced Tea at $1.8.

After the meal, I was impressed to learn that Peggy didn’t attend culinary school. Everything served was self-learned! It is also worth mentioning that Toby isn’t a special someone to Peggy; just a catchy name for her restaurant.

Location: 8 Rodyk St, Singapore 238216
Tel: +65 6636 7629
Opening hours: 7:30am- 5pm


*This article is written in collaboration with Toby’s Bakery Toast Bakery

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