Twinkle Square Eco Palladium

If you’ve always wondered where to play the viral “Floor is Lava” game, it’s finally available in Johor Bahru (JB) — Twinkle Square at Eco Palladium.

The “Floor is Lava” game challenges your speed and agility in a small room with digital tiles on the floor. Your goal is to step on the blue tiles to clear a level. Green represents the safe zone, while red tiles are the lava. If you step on them, you’ll lose a life.

With the same concept but a different name, the JB version, Twinkle Square, is located at Eco Palladium, a 35 minute car ride from JB Sentral.

Twinkle Square at Eco Palladium

With limited information online, here’s all you need to know about Twinkle Square before travelling all the way down.

Twinkle Square prices

Prices of Twinkle Square, as of 20 May 2024
Prices of Twinkle Square, as of 20 May 2024

All sessions are 25 minutes long, with an additional five minutes to catch a breath and clear the room after your play time.

For 1 pax, prices are RM 30 ($8.5) for the weekdays, and RM 35 ($10) for the weekends and public holidays.

On their Facebook page, their pricing states that they require a minimum of 4 pax. However, upon further enquiry on Messenger, they were agreeable with just 2 pax with no additional charges. Hence, it might be dependent on how packed their schedule is and we recommend getting a confirmation with them before heading down.

Reservations are made on Messenger as well.


Entrance of Eco Palladium jb
Entrance of Eco Palladium

When you’re trying to book a Grab, you won’t be able to find the exact location. Instead, just key in “Eco Palladium” and get dropped off in the middle of the mall. Twinkle Square is located in Block B on the second floor.

Eco Palladium is one of the newer attractions in JB, standing out with its elegant European architecture. While its occupancy rate is not close to 100%, it aims to be the next lifestyle hub. It currently has an array of mouthwatering cafes and restaurants like Woodfire Eco Spring and Morihana, as well as fun things to do like an escape room, pregnant simulator, and a self photo studio.

Entrance of Twinkle Square
Despite the neon signs, we actually missed the entrance during our first visit lol

How to play “Floor is Lava” in JB?

The goal for Twinkle Square is to clear as many levels as possible.

As mentioned above, you clear levels by stepping on a number of blue tiles on the floor while avoiding the red ones, which represent lava. There is a timer for each level.

A big screen with all your stats and level requirements

On the screen, you’ll be able to see what level you’re on as well as the number of blue tiles you need to tap to clear the level. In general, the small the number of blue tiles, the more erratic the red tiles move.

You’ll also be able to see the number of lives you have left on the screen. Each level starts with five, which is shared among all members of the group regardless of group size. If you fail the level, you can just restart it.

Waiting area at Twinkle Square
Waiting area at Twinkle Square

Before and after your session, you can actually chill in this vibey waiting area.

You can purchase bottled water for RM 3 and soft drinks for RM 5.

Can I play “Floor is Lava” in Singapore?

Twinkle Square Eco Palladium
Eco Palladium offers the most basic version of “Floor is Lava”

Even with the implementation of the JB E-Gate, if travelling all the way to Eco Palladium is too inconvenient, you can actually play “Floor is Lava” in Singapore. In fact, Singapore’s version offers more variations and challenges to the same game.

Located at City Square Mall Singapore, Inmersplay is an indoor amusement centre. In addition to “The Floor Is Lava”, you can also challenge yourself at their themed escape room and board games. Their recent design is modelled after highly-acclaimed Taiwanese horror film The Medium (2021).

Twinkle Square

Location: B02-11 BLK B, Eco Palladium, Jalan Ekoflora 7/1, Pusat perdagangan Ekoflora, 81100 Johor Bahru, Johor, Malaysia
Opening hours: 12pm-12am

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