Two Bakers Cafe has made themselves a name with their fluffy Japanese Pandan Hotcakes. While I haven’t got the chance to order it, it definitely is a must-try (according to my friend), with its fluffy texture and subtle flavors of pandan, unlike much other pandan-flavored food with a strong artificial syrup taste. However, its extensive brunch menu isn’t the only hype it deserves for their main courses are worthy mentions as well.

The branch in Serangoon has a set meal promotion going on. For $19.90, the set includes an appetizer, a main course from the following- asdlfkjasldfjsald and a dessert. It’s really worth it considering the mains already cost ~$17 on their own.

Fish & Chips | $18

The beer battered halibut was fried perfectly- a crispy exterior and a flaky, soft body. It really impressed me because halibut is a really hard fish to master especially when it comes to the texture of the fish.

St. Louis Style Ribs | $20

In case you were wondering what St. Louis style tastes like, it’s actually just a different cut of ribs from the baby back ribs and spare ribs that we are more familiar with. Essentially there’s not much of a difference in taste.

The ribs are grilled properly; a nice browning and rather tender. However, it has a relatively smokier taste so for those who have a preference for lighter flavors, the sauce might be too overwhelming for you.

A quick shout out to the tomato soup which happens to be the soup of the day when I visited. I’ve always had a bias towards most western soups (especially tomato and cream of mushroom) because I feel that most of them has that prominent can soup taste.

But to my surprise, it tasted really natural. You could actually taste the tang from the tomato and the earthiness from the herbs.

Their brunch menu (only available till 3pm on weekdays and 4pm on weekends) was quite a let down. The Smoked Salmon Cocotte w Toast Soldier ($16) is a crepe with only minimal fillings inside. Not only was the quantity an issue, I personally felt that the combination of flavors in the crepe was a little weird.

The Earl Grey Nutella French Toast ($16) was lacking the earl grey flavor, but the chocolate and hazelnut flavors were prominent.

Ming Jian Kueh | $8

Their best seller dessert is a crepe cake with salted caramel Chantilly, peanut butter and roasted peanuts. The cream is a lot heavier than traditional crepe cakes which makes it quite jelat; sharing is recommended.

Location: 88 Horne Rd, Singapore 209083
Tel: +65 6293 0329
Opening hours: 9am- 6pm (fri-sun); 8am-6pm (mon-thur)

Location: 9 Teck Chye Terrace, Singapore 545720 (Serangoon Branch)

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